10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In America

From time to time, treasures and precious antiquities have been revealed from underneath the ground of the bygone days with the help of metal detectors. But innumerable historical relics are still held below, all around the globe, up till now to be discovered. The inventive and modern technology has armed amateurs with innovative metal detectors to find their own noteworthy prizes.

There are several stories of the amateurs where they had their hands on their own share of the wealth and they sure can serve as inspiration for those interested in getting started using metal detectors for treasure hunting, if you are interested in learning more about about getting started using metal detectors please visit metaldetectorjudge.com. With the patience and metal-indicator, these are the 10 fascinating amateur metal-detector finds in America.

Pirate Treasure

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaIn 1952, metal detector hobbyist, Edward Rowe Snow, visited a small island off the shore of Nova Scotia. This Massachusetts-based treasure seeker unearthed an exquisite eight 18th Century Spanish doubloons and certain parts of the skeleton. The skeleton was still clasping some coins in its hand. It was believed that the treasure came from a Spanish galleon which was seized by pirates in 1725.

Golden Chalice

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaWhen treasure hunter, Mike DeMar, was diving off the Key West in 2008, his metal detector uncovered something solid that turned out to be a gold chalice. This rare and exquisite 385-year-old gold chalice was realized to be from a Spanish ship Santa Margarita. The ship was encumbered with treasure when it sank in 1622. This discovered golden goblet, which was hidden in scrap, came out to be a remarkable reward of $ 1 million for Mike.

George Washington AND. Fourth of March 1789 Button

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaOne morning in the home town of Rogersville, TN at a 1790 old mansion, a 73 year old man heard a telltale beep after about a year and a half of his industrious search. While he was digging away the soil, he pulled up a plug and found a roundness resembling a flat button. When he and his son retrieved the button, they found some artifact writing on it that said March of the fourth 1789 memorable. The worth of the button was soon exposed and revealed it to be from Isabella collection.

Bullet That Killed John F.Kennedy Found

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaAn amateur treasure tracker, Richard H. Lester found a bullet in Dallas in 1974. He was detecting the railroad property when his detector signaled him. It was the same area where the American President John F. Kennedy was shot dead. When Lester extracted the bullet out from beneath the ground, he took it to FBI. But the claims were not acknowledged, and FBI finally determined that the bullets were not same. The bullets that the suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald fired were of a different kind.

Stolen Money

Postal Inspectors hired a mine detector from the US army for ascertaining a huge amount of stolen money. To everyone’s surprise, they discovered $153,150 from the courtyard of a postal employee. The money had been robbed by him some years before and he had deceased by the time loot was found out. He had stockpiled all his stolen wealth in cans and urns esoterically in a length of stovepipe. The treasure was dug out from nine feet underneath the surface.

The Boot of Cortez

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaIn 1989, a wealth pursuer from Senora, Mexico was metal detecting in the outskirts of a desert when he discovered his share of bonanza. After a hard job of searching and discovering for days, his metal detector received a strong signal from within the hodge-podge of junk.

He exhumed a gold nugget with the help of his shovel which weighed 389.4 troy ounces. His low-priced metal detector led him to a worthy treasure. The gold nugget was acknowledged with the name, ‘Boot of Cortez’ because of its colossal size. No other nugget as big in size has ever been found in Western hemisphere up till now. It was sold for $1,553,500 at an auction conducted in 2008.

A Finger Bone With a Ring

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaWhen a volunteer archaeologist was exploring the vast and dirty areas of Little Bighorn, he discovered something unusual. It was the area where Sioux had wiped out the troops of Lt. Col. George Custer in 1876. He had an exceptional encounter with a finger bone that was still wearing a ring. He was both amazed and intrigued at this uncommon sight of his life.

Lost And Found Class Ring From High School

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaWhen Roy Lloyd was pursuing his hunt with a metal detector in Florida in the year 1974, he came across a very striking and amusing incident. The enthusiast discovered a high school class ring from 1926. The ring had an engraved M.B initials in four inches of lake-bottom sand. The owner of the ring was Miles Baker and has misplaced the ring some 48 years before. Roy ultimately traced the owner of the ring and returned him his treasure of memories. The ring that was lost at the city’s pier by Baker was back to him again.

Civil War Collection

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaClarke County, Virginia has always remained the popular choice among the enthusiast discoverers for its unique relics. The area is renowned because of its amazing history in the Civil war. One such discovery was made by a 7-year-old Lucas Hall. He requested for a metal detector as a gift on his birthday and set on his pursuit. Only after four outings in the area, he unearthed the 1840/1860 Cavalry sword. His eagerness developed after learning about the impressive searches of his neighbors and led to his own productive expedition.

Rio Rancho Meteorite

10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds In AmericaJason Lyons only at the age of 13 detected a 21b chunk of ‘space rock’ in New Mexico. He discovered the rare meteorite with an inexpensive metal detector that his grandfather built. When he presented his unusual discovery to the experts at the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteoritic, he was stated of the fact that it was L6 ordinary chondrite. Such a rare meteorite is believed to have been in existence on Earth for around 10,000 years. The rock is made up of nickel-iron metal and is the second most common sort of space matter.

Bottom Line

From coins to rare meteorites, aficionados have made some of the fantastic discoveries using their state-of-the-art metal detectors.