A Survey – Consumption Patterns on Office Appropriate Furnitures!

As the conception of what makes up a workspace continue changing, so too is the design of items used in it. Traditional office furniture was just a desk, chairs, and a few file cabinets. Today in the 21st century, offices contain ergonomically designed furniture that provides more comfort to employees. Companies have recognized the need to have an ideal office setting that not only motivates the workers but also ensure healthy working environment.

The innovation enables occupants to easily collaborate and work together, hence improving overall output. Office chairs can now be adjusted based on user’s height, plus other features that add more comfort. However, employees that work for long hours complain about back pains and stress because most ergonomic chairs are not 100% perfect. That is why massage chairs are becoming a necessity in homes to address the problems. Though it does not mean you must have the massage units in your office, having one is not bad.

There are different types of office chairs and massage chairs on the market today, but each model comes with its price. Typically, most expensive ones have more features compared to less expensive ones. This article highlights the best-rated models. Therefore, keep reading…

A Survey – Consumption Patterns on Office Appropriate Furnitures!We sit around 8 hours in front of our computers. Let’s read the office chair research first to give you an idea in the market.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

It is one of the most expensive office chairs in the world. It is a high-tech model that features the ergonomic design that offers extreme comfort to users. It can adapt to any user and can be customized. Many large-scale companies buy these units in bulk to cater for increasing needs of ergonomic furniture in offices. The average price of a new Aeron chair is about $1200, but still, people buy used ones at a reduced price. As much as this chair tries to address the issues of back pain due to poor sitting postures, it is not 100% ergonomic. Sitting for at least 8 hours on a chair may cause back pains.

Herman Miller Embody

This is another ergonomic chair that was designed by Aeron’s designers. It is a contemporary model that features full-back support. Unlike the Aeron chair, the back of Embody can be adjusted or moved independently from the other parts of the chair. The price of this chair depends on various factors such as finish, color, and fabric. Normally, prices range from $1000 to $1500. It is comfortable and ergonomic, suitable for any office worker. Interestingly, the back has a pixilated mesh that offers rest to user’s back. Though its lumbar support may not be perfect for some people, generally, this chair is worth owning.

Steelcase Leap

Steelcase Leap is highly customizable and is made up of durable material, with breathable back fabric that keeps the users cool throughout the day. It is commonly used in offices due to its high-back and exceptional comfort. It has models of both low and high back, but they offer incredible back support. It is an ergonomic chair with adjustable settings where users can change height, armrest position, or seat depth. Since most office jobs are done on the desk, this chair is a better choice for those that work for long sessions. It is affordable compared to Aeron and Embody, price ranges from $700 to $1100 depending on the condition of the chair.

Raynor Ergohuman

If you work for long hours, Raynor Ergohuman chair can be your best option. It has added features not found in other models, and it can be customized to fit user’s needs. The back height, arm height, or headrest can be adjusted independently. In addition to many features, its back is made of breathable mesh and leather material that add more comfort. The headrest offers additional comfy especially after working for several hours. This ergonomic chair can be a suitable choice for taller people because the back support is adequate. The model’s price ranges from $600 to $800, depending on the design. You can see more detailed reviews on cosyoffices.com

IKEA Markus

This is one of the simplest ergonomic designed chairs, with a mesh and high back. The padded fabric is breathable, ensuring the user’s back stays dry even during long working sessions. Even though it is not customizable, its design provides the desired comfort any user may want. However, you can adjust the height, tilt, and lock once the preferred setting is attained. Most users prefer its back curve because it can support the back, hence reducing regular back pains. It is a nice chair with high-quality features, available at affordable price. It cost around $150 to $200.

Yes, They Are Expensive! Worth Paying to Massage Chairs?

Here we researched about all the massage chairs and their pros cons in our post. You will find the top rated chairs with detailed explanations.

A Survey – Consumption Patterns on Office Appropriate Furnitures!

Osaki OS-400

Osaki OS-4000 has a feature known as zero gravity, which allows users to change positions during the massage. It is one of the best massage chairs in the market today and offers exceptional performance. With its highly durable construction and elegant design, it is a nice unit to have at your place. This high-tech unit is capable of scanning the entire body from neck to feet. It is highly customizable, and a user can switch to any of its 6 programs and 6 massage styles. The speed intensity can also be adjusted independently.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

As per Massagexperts research, it is one of the best-rated massage chairs, which uses principles of shiatsu massage techniques. The working mechanisms mimic those of real massage therapists, and it can be customized or use one of its 8 programs. The programs include pre-programmed massage sequences,with setting for nighttime, morning, and stretch. It has the ability to crib the entire body from neck to feet, and it is ideal for people of all ages. If looking for a massage chair with high-performance ability, Sogno Dreamwave can be a better option. It can be used to massage your neck, hips, thighs, calves, buttocks, arms, and feet.

Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-69

This chair has a high-tech massage robot that offers incredible performance. It can be customized to form a recliner bed for those that want a whole body shiatsu massage with a calm effect. It has several features that we expect to be in top rated massage chairs, you can find better information in massagechairland.com massagechairland.com, that offers different functions such as alleviating stress, relaxation on the kinks and knots, improving leg muscle flexibility, catalyzing weight loss, and eliminating aches and soreness. Though Shiatsu massage chair EC-69 is relatively cheaper, it is a nice unit that can cradle your entire body.

Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu

This is one of the highly sophisticated massage chair designs, with outstanding performance that focuses on specific areas of the body. The model comes with 69 airbags and its massage technology is concentrated on the lower parts of the body. It features options of 5 massage methods, as well as 6 pre-programmed modes. The speed and intensity can be adjusted accordingly, and users can choose to recline at a wider angle to experience a more relaxing massage.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

Human touch iJoy-2580 is an affordable massage chair, which comes with 3 massage program options. It has been designed to offer human touch massage experience, mimicking the movements and techniques used by professional back and spine therapists. It helps relieve aches, fatigue, and stress. Its features include rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion. If looking for a great unit with rollers that feel like real human hands, iJoy-2580 can be your option.