American Online Consumer Behaviors on Apparels

As the lifestyles constantly takes new shapes on daily basis, online shopping behaviors also changes. Among all sorts of items folks can access through online retails, apparels are among the top list. The culture of weight training and exercising is very popular among Americans, and that’s why running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis are quite on high demands throughout. People spend several hours in the internet browsing new shoes. Apart from shoes, buyers have realized that they can find best deals online.

To gain customer confidence online, apparel retailers need to invest in various areas. For instance, valuable content, free shipping services, liberal return policies, and customer reviews tend to draw visitors to a business site. However, these are not enough to attract more and more buyers. There is need to understand how consumers make decisions, and how they take actions.

In this article, we are going to focus on the consumer behaviors when it comes to purchasing apparels online.

Consumers have a short purchase decision

Any consumer will not start planning to buy particular pair of shoes several months before, instead, the decision starts a few weeks or just days in advance. This is advantageous to those retailers with ability to adapt to such short-term decisions by consumers. As a seller, you cannot force a buyer to purchase a product from your store. However, the plans and techniques you employ can compel that buyer to either consider or reconsider his or her purchasing decision. For instance, if there is a customer who had abandoned a shopping cart, it will be a better idea for the retailer to send it so that the intention is refreshed in the mind of that potential buyer. This is referred to as retargeting.

Consumers’ decisions are greatly influenced by product images

Most of online apparel retailers use social media as one of the marketing tools. Use of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to market running shoes can be quite successful, because there is huge potential market in these social platforms. However, the decision of most of these potential buyers will be influenced by the images of the products, and then take necessary action. If photos are clear and attractive, people are likely to purchase the products. Remember, an image is a
true reflection of the product, and consumer’s decision probably will be based on what he or she can see at the moment. In addition, if you are selling new running shoes, it is highly advisable to display the images of those products for the clients to see. Otherwise, it might be very challenging to get even a single sale without images. Here is a good example for a running shoe review site.

Type of apparels offered

Online retailers for clothes, handbags, and wallets receive huge volumes of traffic on daily basis. However, these visitors are not real buyers because most of them get of your site without buying even a single product. Those online retailers selling shoes receive less traffic, but most of them find what they are looking for. It is not all about traffic. It is the value of the traffic, regardless of how few or many the visitors are. Consumers are more likely to skip sites offering less important items. Therefore, it is advisable for the retailer to combine different types of products to capture these potential buyers of shoes.

Consumers are likely to buy additional related products

Apparel consumers are many, and they purchase these items more frequently than any other products. A customer will not stop hunting for the best apparel until he or she finds it. For instance a person looking for running shorts, probably he or she will buy running shoes displayed below the main product. These are referred to as add-ons, and most consumers consider buying them since they are being sold from the same site. Therefore, a renowned retailer may get more sales if there are many adds-ons in every product’s page.

Alright, we have concentrated on running shoes more than other types. Work boots are among the most searched shoes online. Remember these products are expensive and can last for years, and every work is always careful while making a choice. Therefore, we are going to look at online work boot consumers’ behaviors. In order to have much accurate information, we’ve collaborated with website.

The right protective toe

Given the harsh environment industrial workers operate in, the right protective toe becomes an essential. There are aluminum, steel, and composite types, and workers will choose based on their working conditions. When a customer is searching for work boots, he or she will probably need to see if the seller offers the best type based on what the buyer needs.

Upper foot and toe area protection

If the buyer works at a construction site, he or she will look for boots with metatarsal guards to protect the toe area and the upper foot from falling objects. Welders or those working in environments where they deal with hot materials will also search for such boots. Tough tec leather boots also provide protection to the upper foot. These are usually preferred by those working near open flames.

Protective outsoles

Different working environments will require boots with suitable outsoles. A buyer will check if you offer variety of boots with the appropriate outsoles, which can offer long-wearing comfort, slip resistant, and injury protection. As on online retailer, allow past buyers to comment about their experience with specific boots so that you can know which are best suitable for workers.


A worker in a construction site will buy boots that can withstand prolonged wearing, without compromising comfort. Nobody will be willing to buy work boots that will cause blisters and abrasions on the foot skin. If the boots are too tight, probably they will cause foot ailments.

The apparel category is a high potential industry, which can give online retailers good deals. However, the achievement is based on how best a retailer can analyze the consumer behavior and try to fit into their needs. Online shoppers seek enticement from sellers, and therefore the above tips can help any digital business achieve high volumes of sales.