American Way of BBQ – 10 Steps to Make an Awesome BBQ

American Way of BBQIt would be a shame to waste a big green backyard and not make a barbeque for your friends and family once in a while. What’s the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to throw a party with lots of tasty BBQ, music, beer, and laughter?

In order to get the best time, you need to know how to make great BBQ and what you need in addition to make the place even better. In this article, we’re going to give you 10 tips on how to make an excellent BBQ party that everyone will talk about afterward.

Get the proper grill

If you have 20 people at your backyard session, you can’t get by with a grill for 5 people. You also don’t need a grill for a full army, so get a grill that will fit your needs. It’s always better to have a larger grill even though you don’t really need it, but if you have something miniature, people will be unhappy and hungry.

Have a good cooler next to you

cooler for barbecueA cooler is very important for a BBQ party. One thing is that the cooler will keep the meat close and fresh, and the other reason is that you’ll always have cold drinks. Same as for the grill goes for the cooler. If you have a small cooler and more people it will give your trouble. Get an ice chest with a lot of space if you throw a party for more people.

Music is also important

There’s nothing more satisfying than child laughter but a fine background music is nice too. Don’t forget to place at least two speakers to your Smartphone or get the sound system from the living room outside.

Meat is the key ingredient

Once you get everything ready, you are good to go. Having enough meat is highly important and having a grill experience is a must. If you’re doing this for the first time, you should look up for some meat grilling tutorials to learn about when the meat is ready and what different types of meat need.

Get enough beer

Food will make you thirsty and what’s the best solution for thirst? Beer, of course! Get enough beer and make sure it’s cold. If the party gets interesting you’ll want more drinks and there’s nothing more disappointing then end the party when it’s most interesting. Place some of the beer in the cooler and keep the rest inside the house in the fridge.

Keep the fire going

One of the most common mistakes grill beginners make is losing the fire. Always check if the fire is good enough to grill the meat. If you let it burn out, you’ll need to wait for the grill to reheat and in some situations, this might be precious time wasted.

Don’t forget to moisture the meat

For a good and tasty American BBQ, you should know that the meat must always be moist. Pros like to get special sauces that are placed over the meat while it’s grilled. This way it will have a special taste.

The stool is also important

Making a BBQ is a long process. Sometimes you need to spend hours on your feet. Not all the time you’ll spend by the grill is a tie cooking, so you should get rest from time to time. For the best time by the grill get a fine stool that will keep you rested and comfortable.

Know your audience

If the guests at your party are older people or kids, you can’t get only ribs that need strong teeth. Know your audience and ask everyone what kind and how they like their meat. This way everyone will be happy and no one will be left disappointed and hungry.

Don’t leave any food behind

When the party is over, don’t forget to get the food inside the house. Leaving food outside will attract wild animals, birds, dogs, maybe even coyotes if you live in an area where this is common. So if you don’t like to wake up the next morning to a yard that looks like the garbage truck passed through it, get the food and put it in a safe place.

And most important of all, have a great time and enjoy the party.