Americans And Technology: The Good And The Bad

Americans and Technology

Americans And Technology The Good And The BadConsidering the new advancements taking place each passing day, the current growth rate in technology in America today is so high. Taking the credit for this is the excessive technological research programs being currently done by researchers within businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations. Technology can, in fact, be referred to simply as scientific knowledge in reference to the problems experienced in today’s world. Technological advancements impact differently on the American society.

Impacts of technology on the American society

As mentioned earlier, technology has heavily impacted on the American society. These effects can, in fact, be felt and experienced in American’s daily lives. Technology affects the economy’s growth, living standards and culture. Of noteworthy importance, however, is the fact that these impacts can come as either positive or negative.

Positive impacts

Americans And Technology The Good And The BadSocial networking is one of the technological advancements that have taken place over the years. Many Americans are increasingly using these sites on each passing day. With social networking, it can only be termed as amazing how one can be able to trace a friend from a long time ago and reconnect. The American society has become quite a mobile today which clearly separates both friends and family geographically. Technology therefore conveniently enables them to keep in touch.

Social networking also has the advantage of getting rid of the sense of isolation. Contributing to this are the virtual worlds and the online communities. A good example is where someone might harbor the feeling of rejection by their family or community but meets someone online with whom they share interests, hobbies, and pursuits. Another example is an American who pursues photography like a serious leisure activity. The internet will enable the person to share this passion throughout the world using video chat, e-mail, online video, discussion boards and a lot of other websites.

The American environment is so full of technology that Americans barely notice its impacts on their lives until they have no transport, telephone, electricity or water. Advancements in technology have really improved living standards. Current rates of inflation and unemployment might be high but in general, American’s feeding habits have improved, their dressing is way better than before and better yet, their lives are more comfortable.

The impact of technology on the American culture is very significant. This includes laws and their enforcement, art, language, education, mobility, religion and health care. Technological advancements in health care, for instance, have enabled doctors to treat patients in virtual environments through mediums like video conferencing. In American legal environments, judges can listen to hardcore criminal cases without the criminals actually getting into courtrooms for security reasons.

With technology came an improvement in learning processes. Education being the backbone of the economy in America, there is the need for well-organized infrastructure in education to help learners interpret information in a better way. Technologies such as computers, smart whiteboards, I pads, mobile phones, the internet, and projectors are used in classrooms to boost learning. Visual education has also proved to be one of the best learning methods.

Technology has improved communication in America whereby it has a number of purposes. Organizations and societies depend on communication for information transfer. Electronic media such as televisions, radio, social media and the internet have improved our exchange of ideas which in the long run lead to development of societies. An example is the last presidential election where president Barrack Obama used communication technology to voice his concerns about development in America.

Negative impacts

Americans And Technology The Good And The BadSocial networking which has been mentioned as being a major technological advancement comes with its negative side. With the American society, one needs not look far to find these problems. Some people believe that these sites contribute a lot to cheating with some resulting in gruesome divorces. Some Americans have confessed to being fired from jobs or pressurized for using the sites at work or due to some post undermining their professional standing.

Both divorce and loss of jobs might be serious but not as common as other problems resulting from these sites such as narcissism. Narcissism can be defined as too much interest in oneself or one’s appearance-sometimes seen in social sites. These sites are a good avenue for Americans to show their narcissistic characters online. Rather than using these sites to create meaningful relationships, Americans use them to display or gain popularity.

The negative effects of technology on kids can also be exposed. Compared to the preceding ones, the current batch of children in America is completely different. We are currently in the digital age where technology blends with all daily activities, therefore, becoming a way of life. Consequently, children cannot imagine the world without all these electronics, gadgets and the operations provided by computer technology. Children in the U.S devote approximately 40 hours a week to the internet, video games, and technology. Many researchers and psychologists are greatly concerned by the impacts technology has on children.

The negative aspect of mass communication technology in America is that it makes people grow distant from each other. This came especially with the invention of smartphones, televisions, computers and the like which took over as the primary means of communication. Technology is supposed to help Americans improve their lives but instead prevents them from building meaningful relationships.

Pollution affects the American lands, water, crops and air. The increased technological advancements have resulted in an increase in the processing and manufacturing factories. They release gasses and chemicals that are harmful which consequently pollute the environment and result in climate changes or better yet, global warming.

Resource depletion is another major negative impact. Increased demand for technology comes with increased pressure on natural resources. Considering the number of computers and phones manufactured today, an increase in population would demand an increase in the manufacturing of these items, therefore, leading to depletion of resources. This means that one day all natural resources are going to be missing which could be a major problem.

As much technology has both negative and positive effects, it is up to Americans to decide how to use it. What should be avoided is the use of technology for resources exploitation. Using it positively will lead to positive effects on lives. Future and present American generation should be protected from any of technology’s negative impacts.