The Government Wants to Ban Sprays and Promote Pastes and Liquids

Pastes and LiquidsA lot of countries around the world have already banned the use of sprays in any form. It is well known that sprays are damaging the environment. The spray itself is contributing to damaging the ozone layer, creating smog, and the cans that the gas is compressed is specially made to hold the gas, so they are also a high danger to the environment after they end up in the garbage.

It can be said that sprays are a danger no matter if they are being used or just thrown away. That’s why the government is trying to completely ban the use of sprays and is promoting pastes and liquids for some uses that sprays have taken over on the market a long time ago. Let’s see where people use sprays, and if they can be changed to pastes and liquids for the same purpose.


We kinda feel safer when we see how insects die instantly after being sprayed. What we don’t realize is that we’re dying too, just at a slower pace. Instead of killing insects with insecticides, we can use liquids to prevent insects from getting in.


Deodorants find a wide usage everywhere around the world. People have gotten so used to them that they don’t see that another alternative is possible and even more appropriate and comfortable. Armpit lotions are one way to fight bad odor without using deodorants and antiperspirants.

Spray Paint

Spray PaintWe’ve all seen how cars are sprayed with color to get the perfect color. We’ve all seen how people spraying are equipped. They look like people going in outer space. That’s because these sprays are highly dangerous. What do you think, where this toxic air goes? Does it evaporate? No, it’s dispersed throughout the air, but it’s not destroyed. So basically we’re the ones that breathe it eventually. Maybe just a small part of it, but it’s there in the air and our children inhale it.

Instead, you should use other alternatives. Some of the alternatives are actually less expensive and a better option than a classic spray job. Vinyl on your car bodywork is a perfect idea. It’s more affordable, long-lasting and looks way cooler than a standard spray paint.

Hair Spray

Hair sprays are widely used for creating some perfect hairdos. However, these sprays are highly dangerous and you should avoid them. Even a slight fire near your hair might create a flame of your head. Instead, use other methods to make the perfect hair for your important occasion.

Tire shiners

Car tire shine is done with sprays that are extremely dangerous for the environment. Not to mention that the gas inside is deadly if it is inhaled while using. Instead, we should switch to pastes that will make the same effect on our tires and which are way less dangerous than the sprays.


The sprays are made with some special chemicals that are harmful to all living beings on this planet. They are so harmful that even the ozone layer is in danger from their particles. However, not all sprays are the same. Some are more dangerous, and some less, but at the end of the day, we can’t say that there’s any spray that is completely fineĀ  – they are all harmful to our environment.

One of the most dangerous components inside spray flacons is the chlorofluorocarbon. It was officially banned in the 70s but no one can be certain if some third world countries still produce such spray cans. This element is highly influential on the ozone layer and was one of the most important for the fast-breaking of the layer back in the day.

Some other dangerous components that were banned about 250 years later were methylmercury chloroform, chlorofluorocarbons, and carbon tetrachloride. They were all banned by 191 countries in 1991 and 1995. Can you imagine how many problems they caused during 20 years of uncontrolled usage?

Today, some dangerous chemicals are still being used. Chlorofluorocarbons are not completely phased out and officials are still fighting to completely ban them. Also, today’s modern sprays known for their safety, actually still emit volatile organic compounds which damage the ozone layer. These components are the main reason for creating asthma in some people. Also, the spray flacons are flammable and cause a real danger bomb when thrown away in the garbage.

We can all contribute to the environment by simply avoiding buying such products. We should be aware of the danger they cause and if we stop purchasing them, the companies will have no interest in creating them, thus eliminating them from existence.