Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain – (Reviews & Guide 2018)

Lower back pain has become widely common. To some extent, this is connected with our sedentary lifestyles. Lack of exercise, especially when combined with a desk job, which requires you to stay put at an office for hours, will inevitably cause back pain. However, there are other factors that play a role in the equation. For example, your position impacts the way in which your back feels. And – most notably – your office chair is more important than it may seem at first glance.

The best office chairs can actually offer relief, promoting healthy blood flow and adjusting the body in the correct position. So, how do you choose an office chair if you’re dealing with lower back pain? Well, our guide will introduce you to a range of top products on the market. Aside from that, we will outline the main considerations that go into this lengthy shopping process.

  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Loaded Posture Fit
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Dimensions : 26 x 28 x 24
  • Weight : 48 pounds
  • Features : Tension Control / Rear tilt Lock/ Forward tilt/ Lumbar support
  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • Herman Miller Embody Chair
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Dimensions : 28 x 27 x 38.2
  • Weight : 51 pounds
  • Features : Tilt limiter / Adjustable seat depth / Fully adjustable arms
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Dimensions : 26 x 24.5 x 37
  • Weight : 38 pounds
  • Features : Suspension back / 93 percent recyclable
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair
  • PRICE $
  • Dimensions : 34.4 x 26.2 x 25
  • Weight : 11.25 pounds
  • Features : Tilt Lock Mechanism / Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob

Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

  1. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Loaded Posture Fit

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Loaded Posture FitOur first recommendation is this chair manufactured by Herman Miller. The reason why this is listed as one of the best office chairs for a back pain is its unique design. It is created specifically to support a healthy posture – even if you often find yourself shifting positions throughout the day. We all know that staying put for hours can be quite uncomfortable.

At the same time, this chair is suitable for people of various sizes. Expressly, it conforms after your body’s shape, while distributing the weight evenly.

Furthermore, another unique characteristic is the presence of elliptical weaving threads. More specifically, the Classic Aeron Chair incorporates a patented tilt, which is referred to as the Kinemat kilt. This aims at mimicking the body’s pivot points.

The contoured back diminishes the pressure exercised on your back, ensuring your comfort. The padded arms are adjustable, meaning that you can customize them as you find best.

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  1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody ChairOur list continues with another product manufactured by the renowned Herman Miller. The Embody Chair distinguishes itself through its unique design, which is great, particularly in regard to adjustability and customization.

That is to say, you benefit from complete adjustability, which is great news if you’re struggling with back pain. This includes the position of your armrests and the actual seat position. However, our favorite thing about it is that each time you sit in the chair, the backrest automatically adjusts to your spine.

This is thanks to the dynamic matrix of pixels, as Herman Miller puts it. That is to say, whenever you change your position, the chair adjusts right away.

What is more, the item includes a handy fine-tuning knob designated for the headrest. Therefore, you can customize it depending on your preferences.

Nevertheless, a potential drawback could be that the chair doesn’t have a headrest. At the same time, you don’t have the alternative of adding a headrest, if you consider it necessary for your comfort.

What is more, if you prefer sitting close to your desk, you might find the lack of back-and-forth adjustability frustrating. Overall, though, this is a good investment.

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  1. Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Task ChairThis is another product manufactured by Herman Miller. It has reached our list for many reasons. Most importantly, though, it is unbelievably comfortable; even if it might not seem like it at first glance.

Of course, the innovative, modern design is a major draw. This would make it the perfect addition to a modern office facility. Expressly, the concept behind the creation of the chair is identical to the one used for designing the Golden Gate Bridge.

The backbone of the chair represents a unique characteristic – namely a Y tower. This offers optimal back support. Another feature that is exclusive to this chair is represented by the ArcSpan on the chair’s back.

The purpose of the elastomer strands is to help you preserve a correct posture throughout the day. Nonetheless, in some areas, the strands remain flexible; therefore, enabling you to move freely.

Plus, you might be pleased to find out that this is an environmentally friendly item – no less than 93 percent of the chair’s construction is recyclable. And while there are contradicting opinions concerning its comfort level, some people say that it is excellent for back pain.

Hence, we could say that this is a pretty subjective topic – it depends on your preferences and needs, for the most part.

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  1. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task ChairIf your budget is limited, then you might find this chair a good alternative. The price is definitely appealing, but it’s reassuring to know that it offers optimal lumbar support. This should be a priority for each person that works at a desk.

Even if the design is rather simplistic, it does the trick. However, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have the option of adjusting the lumbar support. Still, we’ve found it to work quite well; therefore, you might not even feel the need to customize it.

The mesh back provides decent support, while being comfortable. As a matter of fact, we’ve found it to be surprisingly comfortable, even during prolonged periods of use. That’s simply because it conforms to your sitting position.

Concurrently, it offers decent ventilation.

Of course, you still have the standard ways of adjusting the chair – we’re referring to tilt and height. Still, its limitations shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, taller people might consider this a major inconvenience, as it could jeopardize their comfort.

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  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Dimensions : 26 x 27.5 x 51
  • Weight : 64 pounds
  • Features : 3 position tilt-lock / Tilt tension control / Tilt lock
  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • The Steelcase Leap Chair
  • PRICE $$$
  • Dimensions : 24.8 x 27 x 43.5
  • Weight : 48 pounds
  • Features : LiveBack technology / 94% RECYCLABLE / Height-adjustable lumbar support
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair
  • PRICE $
  • Dimensions : 25.2 x 24 x 40.4
  • Weight : 23.1 pounds
  • Features : Contoured mesh back / Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • 3.8 Customer Rating
  • Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Dimensions : 27.5 x 26 x 41.5
  • Weight : 36 pounds
  • Features : Breathable mesh back, passive lumbar support
  1. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with HeadrestThis chair has been designed with a core purpose in mind – ergonomics. More specifically, you can customize it almost completely, depending on your preferences.

In fact, each individual component can be customized – the headrest, the backrest, the seat depth, chair height, and the armrests, in an attempt to enjoy optimal comfort.

Thanks to the synchro-tilt mechanism, as well as the seat depth adjustment, your back will get the support it needs – whether you’re reclining or sitting upright.

Moving on, the mesh fabric is quite comfortable. Nevertheless, as a potential drawback, the material is quite sticky, which can be frustrating.

At the same time, you might find it a bit inconvenient that the armrests don’t lock in place. Additionally, they have the tendency of moving quite easily. Overall, in regard to the construction of the chair, we can say that it is sturdy and durable.

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  1. The Steelcase Leap Chair

The Steelcase Leap ChairRight now, this is one of the best-selling chairs on the market. The reason why we have chosen to include it on our list is its optimal lumbar support. What makes it so great is the LiveBack technology.

Basically, the LiveBack technology features an adjustable tension knob. You use it in order to increase or decrease the firmness of the curve of the backrest.

Plus, there is also a height-adjustable lumbar support. This moves throughout the lower back. That is to say, you should expect to experience noteworthy pain relief in this respect.

This is what really makes a difference in terms of back support. Thanks to the natural glide system, the seat glides forward. Thus, you can effortlessly recline without leaving your reach zone, while remaining focused on your work.

Expressly, you can embrace different postures, to diminish the static load exercised on the spine. Additionally, thanks to the lower back firmness control, you can set the level of firmness to remain consistent. This will contribute to maintaining the lower spine’s natural curve.

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  1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh ChairThis is another optimal budget option for an office chair suitable for back pain. In truth, the price is surprisingly affordable for what this item has to offer: that is great comfort and support.

At the same time, we like that the chair is entirely adjustable. Specifically, thanks to the simple pneumatic controls, you can either lower or raise the seat. Moreover, if you wish, you may even rock back in the chair. Due to its adjustability, you can embrace a comfortable, correct seating position, which is fundamental when you have a bad back.

Moving on, also in regard to the design of the chair, the back is covered in mesh. If you have a look at the way in which it’s constructed, you’ll notice that it is designed in order to facilitate lumbar support – which is pretty great, especially for the price.

Even if other chairs on our list might be infinitely more comfortable, we think that the price tag makes up for it.

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  1. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office ChairThis is another item that is worthy of your attention. In other words, it provides excellent value, considering the features it comes with. Firstly, it is described as an ergonomic office chair, offering adequate lumbar support.

At the same time, in order to maximize your comfort, the chair is generously padded. We could say that it is constructed with daily use in mind; that’s because the chair feels sturdy and durable. To that end, it is suitable for people weighing up to 331 lbs.

Furthermore, you can choose from the incline or recline function and lock it in place, whenever you feel like it, of course.

As noted by some reviewers struggling with back problems, thanks to this chair, the severity of the pain is alleviated.

On the other hand, there have been some complaints about the height of the armrests. Truthfully, the armrests locked at the lowest position are still too high. This could be an inconvenience, in terms of comfort. So, keep this in mind if you are looking to get this chair.

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  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • Steelcase Leap Desk Chair with Headrest
  • PRICE $$$$$
  • Dimensions : 25 x 27 x 52.5
  • Weight : 65 pounds
  • Features : Patented LiveTechnology / Highly Adjustable arms
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • DXRacer Classic Series Big and Tall Chair
  • PRICE $$$
  • Dimensions : 24 x 27 x 51
  • Weight : 66 pounds
  • Features : Additional lumbar support cushion
  • 3.9 Customer Rating
  • Alera Elusion Swivel Chair
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Dimensions : 26.2 x 24.8 x 15.8
  • Weight : 56.2 pounds
  • Features : Multifunction mechanism / Contoured seat cushion
  • 3.8 Customer Rating
  • Duorest Leaders Executive Office Chair
  • PRICE $$$
  • Dimensions : 22 x 25 x 50
  • Weight : 48.9 pounds
  • Features : Adjust the height / Tilt tension / Tilt lock
  1. Steelcase Leap Desk Chair with Headrest

Steelcase Leap Desk Chair with HeadrestWe could say that this is a high-end office chair. Not only that it looks utterly luxurious and modern, but it provides an unparalleled level of comfort. Most notably, thanks to the patented LiveTechnology, the chair changes with you. More specifically, as you move, the chair adjusts to your body, for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

The height of the chair is, of course, adjustable, as well as the armrests. Therefore, you can customize these depending on your height and preferences.

Furthermore, the manufacturer has tested the chair, and the results say that it can be used by persons weighing up to 500 lbs. It’s no secret that Steelcase is one of the most reputable manufacturers of office chairs for back pain; therefore, you can really depend on this if you decide to make the investment.

As for the potential drawbacks that may come with the purchase, it is difficult to find any. Supposedly, the hefty price might account for a major impediment for some people.

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  1. DXRacer Classic Series Big and Tall Chair

DXRacer Classic Series Big and Tall ChairThis is another product that distinguishes itself from the multitude of office chairs out there. It offers decent support to people that spend hours in front of the computer. Hence, this is perfect for all types of deskwork – gaming included.

That’s because the chair facilitates an optimal level of support for your back – starting from your pelvis and up to the neck.

As for the additional lumbar support cushion, you’ll find it effortless to adjust it as you wish. This adds to the comfort of the chair.

Simultaneously, the headrest is incorporated in the original design of the chair, which is a nice touch if you ask us. In regards to the design of the chair, it looks really good and modern. Plus, thanks to the unique hydraulic system, combined with the wide base, you can rely on this chair, as it is likely to be durable and sturdy.

At the same time, the arms are fully adjustable for a higher degree of comfort.

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  1. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

Alera Elusion Swivel ChairThis office chair promises to offer pain relief to those struggling with back pain. To that end, it has some of the best reviews among the office chairs in its price range.

Firstly, this is an ergonomic chair featuring a breathable mesh back. The purpose of the mesh back is to keep you comfy and cool throughout the day. That is to say, regardless of the temperatures in your area, this chair will do a great job of regulating your temperature.

A specific characteristic is the contoured seat cushion. This is actually distinguished by the waterfall edge and premium upholstery. These contribute to diminishing the pressure exercised on the legs. Meanwhile, the supportive back ensures you maintain a correct posture, which is one of the keys against back pain.

On the other hand, we should mention that the Swivel Chair doesn’t come with some of the features present at other high-end chairs on the market. At the same time, even when the armrests are tightly screwed in, they still have the tendency to wobble.

Even so, you can still customize the seat height, the tilt tension, and the arm height. Overall, this chair is designed specifically to fit in any office environment.

It comes at a decent price and it really alleviates chronic back pain.

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  1. Duorest Leaders Executive Office Chair

Leaders Executive Office Chair Fabric: Synthetic LeatherAnd lastly, our final recommendation for the best office chair for a bad back is this item by Duorest. Its design is quite unusual, as you can clearly notice, but that doesn’t mean it is inefficient – quite the contrary. The way in which the chair is designed makes a difference in terms of comfort and back support.

The dual backrests are entirely adjustable to almost any body size. Concurrently, the seat is adjustable, as well as the ergonomic headrest. That is not all, though; you can also adjust the height, the tilt tension, the tilt lock, width, and height.

In order to optimize the stability of the chair, the base incorporates six legs. Nevertheless, taller users mentioned that this chair might be more suitable for smaller individuals. At the same time, it’s worth noting that this chair has been created with the purpose of correcting your posture when sitting at a desk.

Evidently, when you have a desk job, having a suitable chair is primordial for keeping back pain at a distance. Happily, this chair, as well as the ones we mentioned beforehand, can be helpful in correcting your posture, so that you sit upright.  

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair for Back Pain

Best Office Chairs for Lower Back PainGenerally speaking, back pain occurs due to a combination of reasons. As we’ve already mentioned, sitting in the same position for a prolonged timeframe will, inevitably, cause some sort of discomfort to your back – especially if you don’t embrace a correct sitting position.

At the same time, every person is likely to experience back pain differently. Some might deal with chronic pain, which is persistent, while others might deal with short episodes of pain and discomfort. You might be surprised to find out how common back pain actually is.

Experts believe that roughly 80 percent of the population experiences back pain, at one point or another. At the same time, there are no age restrictions when it comes to back pain, as people of all ages are prone to experience it. On a different note, back pain represents a primary cause of disability. More specifically, it prevents people to engage in their daily activities, including going to work or taking the dog for a walk.

This is what makes it crucial for you to choose the right office chair. Preventing back pain from happening is much better than treating afterward – don’t you agree? That being said, we’d like to focus on the main characteristics that a good office chair should have in order to provide pain relief or to prevent it altogether.

  • Lumbar Support

First of all, a good office chair should provide optimal lumbar support. We’ll explain why that is. That’s specifically because the lower part of the spine naturally curves toward the belly – we’re referring to the lordotic curve. This is where the lumbar support comes in: it contributes to maintaining a good posture as it fills the space between the chair and the lumbar spine.

This plays a key role in offering support to the back’s natural inward curve.

If your chair doesn’t have lumbar support, maintaining a correct posture becomes an immense challenge. That’s because the muscles in the lower back, together with the lumbar spine have to work harder to support the correct alignment and curvature.

Over the course of time, this can have major repercussions. The body becomes tired, whereas the muscles that support the spine in a healthy position are prone to weaken. In an attempt to compensate for the weakening of the lumbar muscles, the upper back and head will lean forward. This is why we have the natural tendency of leaning forward the office chair.

This is, in truth, one of the habits that could worsen your chronic back pain or even cause it.

On the other hand, if a chair offers decent lumbar support, then the muscles that surround the spine will be relieved from having to support the spine’s natural position. The people that work long office hours are more likely to notice a major difference in their comfort levels after changing their office chairs.

  • Comfort

Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain ReviewsUsually, if you sit correctly, you are likely to feel more comfortable. The reason why a chair should feel comfortable (to some extent) is that this facilitates an increased blood flow. This ensures that the blood circulates throughout the body when you sit at the desk for many hours.

The thing is that you might find it a tad difficult to assess a chair’s level of comfort by simply looking at it. In order to be 100 percent certain of this, you ought to sit in it, right? And this makes sense. However, there are other aspects that could help you deduce this.

For example, you should have a look at the chair’s construction, the materials used in the manufacturing process, breathability, so on and so forth. For example, some chairs feature a back made from mesh fabric, as breathability is crucial when you sit at a desk for many hours in a row.

  • Adjustable Backrest

Essentially, the increasing prevalence of back pain should be seen as a warning sign. At the same time, this further outlines the importance of doing whatever lies in your power to deter this from becoming a chronic issue, as it has happened to most people.

Moving on, we’d like to talk about an equally important characteristic that an office chair should have – the backrest. According to experts, the backrest of an office chair should range from 12 to 19 inches in width.

Now, considering that the headrest is separated from the seat, then you should be able to adjust it accordingly. As you’ve seen in our reviews, we placed our focus on the adjustability characteristics of each chair. And we encourage you to do the same, as this is a key element in preventing or relieving back pain.

When it’s adjusted properly, the backrest should support the spine’s natural alignment. The focus is placed on the lumbar region – this is usually the spot where back pain originates from. Furthermore, the backrest should be adjustable while having a locking mechanism. The purpose of the locking mechanism is to help you secure it from going too far backward after you have set the correct angle.

  • Adjustable Armrests

Moreover, you should pay close attention to the armrests of an office chair. Basically, just like the backrest, it should also be adjustable. And the same can be said by most portions of the chair. Your arms should rest comfortably, while your shoulders should feel relaxed. Otherwise, you might exercise a lot of pressure on your back.

Moving on, both the lower arms and the elbows have to rest lightly, whereas the forearm shouldn’t be situated on the armrest as you type.

  • Adjustable Height

Evidently, the adjustments you might find comfortable might mean the exact opposite of a different user. That’s because your height and weight usually influence this. This is why a chair should be adjusted to one’s person height.

As a rule of thumb, a correct seating position implies that your thighs should remain horizontal to the floor. However, we’ll get into more detail concerning the correct seating position later in the article, as this is as important as investing in the best office chair.

  • Swivel and Casters

We could argue that a swivel is another essential element of a decent office chair for back pain. That’s because it enables you to rotate the chair as you wish. This way, you can actually reach different parts of the desk, without experiencing any sort of strain whatsoever.

At the same time, a chair that has casters may also be practical in regards to mobility and practicality. And while it’s true that casters do provide mobility, make sure that they are appropriate for your type of flooring. For example, some casters might not perform well on carpeted surfaces. So, do consider this if the matter is important to you.

What Are the Main Causes of Back Pain?

Main Causes of Back PainNow that we’ve addressed the main characteristics of an office chair, it’s time to talk about the primary causes of back pain. Since an early age, we have the tendency of slouching, that’s mainly because sitting straight isn’t necessarily comfy. In fact, to be frank, it takes some discipline to preserve a healthy body positioning.

Expressly, a correct position entails a straight posture; your head should also be straight. Meanwhile, the shoulders have to be slightly tilted backward, so that the spine is aligned while supporting its natural curve.

In time, though, we develop the tendency of over-relaxing our bodies, letting them “fall” anyway it feels more comfortable. As we unconsciously allow ourselves to embrace unhealthy positions, we are more likely to suffer from back pain and discomfort. Over the course of time, this may cause the appearance of serious health problems. On that note, here are the main triggers of back pain.

  1. Poor Posture

You might not see the immediate effects of a poor posture. Nevertheless, in time, the stress associated with a poor posture is likely to cause anatomical changes in your spine. Obviously, due to these changes, you are prone to deal with back pain on a regular basis.

Due to the constriction of the blood vessels and nerves, the pain is likely to aggravate. Plus, not only that this will affect your spine, but it will also cause discomfort in the joints, muscles, and discs. So, what are the main symptoms of the back pain caused by poor posture?

For one thing, the pain is likely to be more severe at specific times of the day. Concurrently, the pain usually starts in the neck and eventually moves in the upper and lower parts of the back. These are some of the main symptoms linked with back pain.

Moving on, if you’re struggling with pain caused by poor posture, the pain is likely to go away after shifting positions. Concurrently, if the pain coincides with a specific change – such as a change of job, chair, car, etc., then your posture might be the main trigger. Not only that poor posture is a fundamental leading factor to back pain, but this is likely to cause neck pain as well – but this is a different topic for another day.

  1. Slouching

Without realizing it, we have the tendency to slouch, as we’ve already said beforehand. And this can happen while working at the desk, or even while standing or walking. Therefore, we should be aware of our posture and try to correct it as soon as possible.

This cannot be accomplished overnight; still, in time, with perseverance, it is possible. Of course, investing in a suitable office chair is an important step, considering that you have a job that requires long sitting hours.

When you slouch, the head’s forward posture inevitably affects the cervical spine. So, as the head leans forward, the lower cervical spine enters hyperflexion – this means that the lordosis curve flattens out.

Of course, this unnatural, forward head position places increased stress and pressure on the intervertebral discs, facet joints, and vertebrae. In time, all these factors may accelerate the degeneration of your spine.

That is not all, when the bottom of the cervical spine hyperflexes forward, the top of the cervical spine immediately hyperextends in the opposite direction. Eventually, this will determine the lengthening of the spinal canal through the neck. Obviously, this will also maximize the tension and stretching on the spinal cord, as well as on the nearby nerve roots.

With the degeneration of the joints, the vertebral bones are more prone to rub directly against each other, thus determining bony overgrowths – referred to as bone spurs.

  1. Lack of Movement

Staying put in the same position for many hours will inevitably have a negative effect on your overall wellbeing. And, in time, it will harm your back. The body is created for continuous movement. And when we ignore this, we will inevitably reap the results.

A sedentary lifestyle can definitely play a fundamental part when it comes to back pain. When the body sits or stands in the same position for many hours in a row, it gets fit and uncomfortable. To that end, you should take the time to move around every hour or so.

Make sure you pay attention to your body and don’t ignore what it’s trying to transmit. You are responsible for looking after your body, especially if you want to ensure your long-term health and wellbeing. Acknowledge the importance of embracing the right posture – when you’re at work, and not only, and you’ll inevitably notice some sizeable improvements, in time.

How to Correctly Sit in an Office Chair If You Suffer from Lower Back Pain?

How to Correctly Sit in an Office Chair If You Suffer from Lower Back PainNow after discussing the way in which poor posture triggers back pain (among other factors), we’d like to move our attention on correctly sitting in an office chair. Of course, a good office chair can really make a difference. Even if it accounts for a sizeable investment, we can assure you that it is worth it.

Nevertheless, even if you have the best chair on the market, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your body.

First of all, note the following: each body is different, each body is built differently. This is why the adjustments made on a chair might be perfect for a person and might mean havoc for another one.

You have to adjust your office chair to meet your individual specifications. Nonetheless, there are some general guidelines that apply in all scenarios, as following:

  • You should adjust the height of the chair accordingly so that your feet can rest flat on the floor. If you embrace this position while working, then you’ll be placing less stress on the body.
  • As a rule of thumb, the spine has to follow the lines of the backrest. Of course, we realize that this could be challenging to assess. However, you should feel that your back is adequately supported – and this doesn’t refer exclusively to the space between the shoulders.
  • In regard to the elbows, they should be at a 90-degree angle – specifically when you place your hands on the keyboard. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be 100 percent exact, but make sure you factor this in as a general guideline to prevent that chronic pain from settling in. At the same time, the position should feel relaxed and comfortable; if you experience tension, then this isn’t good for your back.
  • You should keep your back pressed as close to the chair as possible. Even if some chairs might be a bit too deep in order to do this, it’s the safest way in which you can ensure a healthy and straight posture.
  • Moving on, you should steer clear of the common neck creep. When working at the computer, we have the tendency of tilting our heads forward. As we already explained, this places a lot of stress on the back and on the neck. This is why you should prevent it from turning into a habit. A chair with a head support might be helpful in this respect, but few chairs come with this characteristic. However, you might want to try adjusting the angle and distance of your computer accordingly, in an attempt to address this issue. Ideally, the screen should be located at eye level.

What are some of the main signs that point towards a poor posture, indicating that you have to revise your position when sitting in a chair? We’ll mention the main symptoms: namely long-term aching pain in the lower part of the back, neck and shoulder pain, wrist pain, headaches, and aching knees. If these problems are troubling you, don’t ignore them, by all means. Instead, take the measures needed to address them!


Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair Loaded Posture Fit
$$$$26 x 28 x 2448 poundsTension Control / Rear tilt Lock/ Forward tilt/ Lumbar support
Herman Miller Embody Chair
$$$$$28 x 27 x 38.251 poundsTilt limiter / Adjustable seat depth / Fully adjustable arms
Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair
$$$$26 x 24.5 x 3738 poundsSuspension back / 93 percent recyclable
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair
$34.4 x 26.2 x 2511.25 poundsTilt Lock Mechanism / Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob
Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest
$$$$26 x 27.5 x 5164 pounds3 position tilt-lock / Tilt tension control / Tilt lock
The Steelcase Leap Chair
$$$24.8 x 27 x 43.548 poundsLiveBack technology / 94% RECYCLABLE / Height-adjustable lumbar support
AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair
$25.2 x 24 x 40.423.1 poundsContoured mesh back / Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
$$27.5 x 26 x 41.536 poundsBreathable mesh back, passive lumbar support
Steelcase Leap Desk Chair with Headrest
$$$$$25 x 27 x 52.565 poundsPatented LiveTechnology / Highly Adjustable arms
DXRacer Classic Series Big and Tall Chair
$$$24 x 27 x 5166 poundsAdditional lumbar support cushion
Alera Elusion Swivel Chair
$$$$26.2 x 24.8 x 15.856.2 poundsMultifunction mechanism / Contoured seat cushion
Duorest Leaders Executive Office Chair
$$$22 x 25 x 5048.9 poundsAdjust the height / Tilt tension / Tilt lock

Wrap up

To sum up, we hope that our guide has outlined the importance of having a correct posture when working at the desk. The spine features numerous components such as nerves, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. All of these parts are connected, meaning that once back pain settles in, it might lead to other problems and complications. The lumbar spine is utterly vulnerable to pain and injury, which explains the prevalence of chronic pain, as most people struggle with it.

To that end, pay attention to the way in which you move, not only to the way in which you sit. Each movement counts; meaning that you should be responsible in this respect.

Of course, having the best office chair for lower back pain could be a good starting point when embracing the correct posture. Otherwise, you might find it quite difficult, if not impossible to eliminate the risk of back pain over the course of time. Also, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of exercising, since this can also help you deal with your back pain.