If SOPA came into force

Let’s imagine that the Stop Online Piracy Act has come into force. This would certainly lead to several consequences that would change the whole development of internet industry. First of all we should have a clear understanding that this bill is very close to IUP rights violation. At the same time it already interferes with existing acts and legislations.

Government should find a way in order to come into terms with this fact. However the main problem is that this legislation would certainly lead to creation of online monopolies. Don’t forget, that users will be able to purchase products at original websites only. The number of payment methods which are now available will be also reduced. For example, a content owner would have a right to ask Pay Pal or Master Card to stop offering their services to the offending web resource. We can only imagine what the competition would turn into. It could lead to a real digital war.

In this situation financial service providers would only have five days in order to switch off all their services and other kinds of financial support. The owners of the website would have their resource financial chocked off. They would have to file a counter-notice within no longer than 5 days. As a matter of fact such companies as Visa, Master Card and other banking method providers would receive a great incentive from big record companies, studios and even the MPAA to comply with them. This will eventually lead to creation of monopoly. At the same time Yahoo, Google or any other search engine would have a right to remove or delete any kind of information on the website and prevent it from being searched online.