A Survey – Consumption Patterns on Office Appropriate Furnitures!

As the conception of what makes up a workspace continue changing, so too is the design of items used in it. Traditional office furniture was just a desk, chairs, and a few file cabinets. Today in the 21st century, offices contain ergonomically designed furniture that provides more comfort to employees. Companies have recognized the need to have an ideal office setting that not only motivate the workers, but also ensure healthy working environment.

The innovation enables occupants to easily collaborate and work together, hence improving overall output. Office chairs can now be adjusted based on user’s height, plus other features that add more comfort. However, employees that work for long hours complain about back pains and stress because most ergonomic chairs are not 100% perfect. That is why massage chairs are becoming a necessity in homes to address the problems. Though it does not mean you must have the massage units in your office, but having one is not bad.

There are different types of office chairs and massage chairs in the market today, but each model comes with its price. Typically, most expensive ones have more features compared to less expensive ones. This article highlights the best-rated models. Therefore, keep reading…

office comfortWe sit around 8 hours in front of our computers.Let’s read the office chair research first to give you an idea in the market.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

It is one of the most expensive office chairs in the world. It is a high-tech model that features the ergonomic design that offers extreme comfort to users. It can adapt to any user and can be customized. Many large scale companies buy these units in bulk to cater for increasing needs of ergonomic furniture in offices. The average price of a new Aeron chair is about $1200, but still, people buy used ones at a reduced price. As much as this chair tries to address the issues of back pain due to poor sitting postures, it is not 100% ergonomic. Sitting for at least 8 hours on a chair may cause back pains.

Herman Miller Embody

This is another ergonomic chair that was designed by Aeron’s designers. It is a contemporary model that features full-back support. Unlike the Aeron chair, the back of Embody can be adjusted or moved independently from the other parts of the chair. The price of this chair depends on various factors such as finish, color, and fabric. Normally, prices range from $1000 to $1500. It is comfortable and ergonomic, suitable for any office worker. Interestingly, the back has a pixilated mesh that offers rest to user’s back. Though its lumbar support may not be perfect for some people, you may find further information in comfyoffices.com, generally, this chair is worth owning.

Steelcase Leap

Steelcase Leap is highly customizable and is made up of durable material, with breathable back fabric that keeps the users cool throughout the day. It is commonly used in offices due to its high-back and exceptional comfort. It has models of both low and high back, but they offer incredible back support. It is an ergonomic chair with adjustable settings where users can change height, armrest position, or seat depth. Since most office jobs are done on the desk, this chair is a better choice for those that work for long sessions. It is affordable compared to Aeron and Embody, price ranges from $700 to $1100 depending on the condition of the chair.

Raynor Ergohuman

If you work for long hours, Raynor Ergohuman chair can be your best option. It has added features not found in other models, and it can be customized to fit user’s needs. The back height, arm height, or headrest can be adjusted independently. In addition to many features, its back is made of breathable mesh and leather material that add more comfort. The headrest offers additional comfy especially after working for several hours. This ergonomic chair can be a suitable choice for taller people because the back support is adequate. The model’s price ranges from $600 to $800, depending on the design. You can see more detailed reviews on cosyoffices.com

IKEA Markus

This is one of the simplest ergonomic designed chairs, with a mesh and high back. The padded fabric is breathable, ensuring the user’s back stays dry even during long working sessions. Even though it is not customizable, its design provides the desired comfort any user may want. However, you can adjust the height, tilt, and lock once the preferred setting is attained. Most users prefer its back curve because it can support the back, hence reducing regular back pains. It is a nice chair with high-quality features, available at affordable price. It cost around $150 to $200.

Yes, They Are Expensive! Worth Paying to Massage Chairs?

Here we researched about all the massage chairs and their pros cons in our post. You will find the top rated chairs with detailed explanations.

massage chairs in office

Osaki OS-400

Osaki OS-4000 has a feature known as zero gravity, which allows users to change positions during the massage. It is one of the best massage chairs in the market today and offers exceptional performance. With its highly durable construction and elegant design, it is a nice unit to have at your place. This high-tech unit is capable of scanning the entire body from neck to feet. It is highly customizable, and a user can switch to any of its 6 programs and 6 massage styles. The speed intensity can also be adjusted independently.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

As per massagechairlab editor’s research, it is one of the best-rated massage chairs, which uses principles of shiatsu massage techniques. The working mechanisms mimic those of real massage therapists, and it can be customized or use one of its 8 programs. The programs include pre-programmed massage sequences,with setting for nighttime, morning, and stretch. It has the ability to crib the entire body from neck to feet, and it is ideal for people of all ages. If looking for a massage chair with high-performance ability, Sogno Dreamwave can be a better option. It can be used to massage your neck, hips, thighs, calves, buttocks, arms, and feet.

Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-69

This chair has a high-tech massage robot that offers incredible performance. It can be customized to form a recliner bed for those that want a whole body shiatsu massage with a calm effect. It has several features that we expect to be in top rated massage chairs, you can find better information in massagechairland.com massagechairland.com, that offers different functions such as alleviating stress, relaxation on the kinks and knots, improving leg muscle flexibility, catalyzing weight loss, and eliminating aches and soreness. Though Shiatsu massage chair EC-69 is relatively cheaper, it is a nice unit that can cradle your entire body.

Authentic Beauty health Shiatsu

This is one of the highly sophisticated massage chair designs, with outstanding performance that focuses on specific areas of the body. The model comes with 69 airbags and its massage technology is concentrated on the lower parts of the body. It features options of 5 massage methods, as well as 6 pre-programmed modes. The speed and intensity can be adjusted accordingly, and users can choose to recline at a wider angle to experience a more relaxing massage.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

Human touch iJoy-2580 is an affordable massage chair, which comes with 3 massage program options. It has been designed to offer human touch massage experience, mimicking the movements and techniques used by professional back and spine therapists. It helps relieve aches, fatigue, and stress. Its features include rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion. If looking for a great unit with rollers that feel like real human hands, iJoy-2580 can be your option.

Healthy Americans – Drinking Half a Bottle of Red Wine!

drinking half bottle of wine

Yes, you read it right. According to recent researches from Harvard and Washington State University, drinking half a bottle of red wine at night can help you shred those extra pounds. It even helps you lose weight quicker!

What Science Says

A lot of us have mistakenly believed that alcohol intake could lead to weight gain but new scientific evidence proves this myth wrong. Well, at least for wine, weight gain is not possible.

A long-term study conducted by Harvard University found that women who take at least 1 or 2 glasses of wine (or a half bottle of red wine) before bedtime were less likely to become obese compared to non-drinkers. The study involved nearly 20,000 middle-aged women of normal weight and it came to show that engaging in this nightly tipple helps get rid of obesity by 70 percent.

drinking half bottle of wine

In another story from DailyMail, a woman named Linda Monk reaped the benefits from this habit when she lost 6 lbs in just a span of three weeks. She said that red wine helps her suppress her cravings for unhealthy food choices like sweets, biscuits, or chocolates during the night and sipping some great cold wine or a juice also makes her feel relax without her having to go out late at night to eat. In case if you also like to drink cold red wine which is unusual, you may consider buying a refrigerator. There are different budget types and classification in WineCoolerLab to find the best fit wine cooler.

Moderation is the key. We all know how important this line is and this also applies to drinking wine. Over indulgence will never result to anything good instead, experts warned that too much intake of alcohol exposes you to many diseases such as disease of the liver and breast cancer for women.

A glass of wine or two, savoured with a healthy meal is enough to contribute to weight loss and keeping healthy.

Here is also why you should make red wine as your new diet drink..

This is great news especially for wine lovers out there. Red wine has a chemical known as Ellagic Acid which acts to slow down the growth of fat cells and stop the formation of new ones, so our bodies burn more fats and help us become slimmer. The chemical is also known for boosting metabolism of fat acids in the liver.

Red wine contributes to achieving a healthy weight because of how it is digested in the body. It triggers the body especially that of the women to burn more calories because women are found to have lesser enzymes that metabolize alcohol compared to men.

This means that for the drink to get digested, a woman’s body needs to keep producing enzymes which also requires the body to keep burning energy instead of storing them like how it usually happens when we eat fattening snacks like chocolate. What can you say ladies? Swapping those chocolates with a glass of wine is certainly worth it!

Well, not just that. Red wine also contains quercetin, an antioxidant which can kill cancer cells. That is why, it is also believed that red wine can aid in treating cancer, most specifically in the colon.

Ongoing researches also suggest that red wine helps in lowering bad cholesterol level in the body thus helping regulate hypertension and we have Resveratrol to thank for. Wine drinkers are found to have a healthier cardiovascular system and have lesser risks of having a heart disease.

However, if you’re not used to drinking wine, you can always choose the traditional way of keeping healthy through eating nutritious foods and doing regular exercise. You can’t just drink bottles of wine and expect your figure to abruptly change. Like what is always said, moderation is the key.

But if you’re interested trying on a different way of losing weight, it is always not too late to try and start the habit of drinking half a bottle of red wine every night. Instead of spending on loads of snacks, chocolate bars and other sweet treats, invest in a great tasting wine and drink it with some friends or a loved one.

Just for a bonus fact, wine is a natural aphrodisiac! It promotes good blood circulation which produces a warm and tingling sensation on the skin and helps you get focused. No, we aren’t experts to try and recommend it but it’s proven and tested to help get you in the mood! *wink*

Now, let’s toss a celebratory glass to that!

Principles of Hair Science and Technology in Cosmetics

hair styling tools - flat irons

The new methods of keeping hair neat have gone beyond the use of weaves, so too is body hair removal ways. From razors or waxing to use of electronic tools, many people have found a better way to get rid of excess hairs from their legs and hands. Maybe this is your first time to hear about epilation, but it is all about hair removal tools. Therefore, there should be no worries because you will understand this new method as you continue reading.

Epilators are small devices used to remove hairs deep from their roots, thanks to the new technology in the world of cosmetics. The device has rotating ceramic or metallic tweezers, which facilitates quicker and efficient hair removal by grabbing hair and pulling them off. The old ways of removing one hair at a time are gone because these tiny devices can remove a bunch of hair just by one pass. The result is a smooth silky skin, which can last for even a month without epilating again. top-epilators

Why Use Epilators?

Waxing or razors have been popular among many women when removing hairs and the result could last for about 2 to 3 days before removing again. There is little satisfaction because the hairs will grow once more within a few days. Use of epilators is a new technology to remove hairs, and achieve a more satisfying feeling on your body.

However, visiting salons once or twice a month can be expensive, bearing in mind that most of them normally use waxing method to remove hair from your skin. Therefore, you have got all the reasons to continue reading this article.

Believe or not, epilation has been found to be a cheap method. You only require a few dollars usually less than $100 to acquire the device. The rest of the money you have been spending in beauty shops can now be used in other things. For women, saving a significant amount is their dream because they have got many things to do with the money!

The interesting thing about epilators is that they can help you get rid of hairs permanently, and this is a dream-come-to-reality among many women. You need to constantly make use of the device, eventually, you will realize fewer and thinner hair growths over time. Epilating once or twice every two weeks is the ultimate trick because hairs will be growing thinner and the follicles will weaken. Initially, you might spend several hours to achieve silky smooth legs, but as you get used, the task will be about 30 minutes and you are done.

Unlike the use of razors, it is impossible to injure your skin because they are designed for that purpose. Anyone either experienced or newbie can do it perfectly. The tactic is just moving the device gently at a right angle against the direction of hair growth. However, you may feel some mild pain if you move too fast, therefore, the trick is moving the epilator slowly.

Basic Features of an Ideal Epilator

Reading too much conflicting information about epilators may confuse you, and you will probably get misled while choosing your perfect device. Features such as built-in lights ensure no hairs are missed in every single move. There is the dry epilator and the combine wet and dry model which can be used during the shower. Epilators may have one or two speeds, rechargeable or battery powered, but any can work well for you.

I have just mentioned the less important features, therefore, allow me to discuss the major features you need to consider while buying an epilator.

Ability to remove hair from the root

A good epilator should be capable of removing hairs deep from their roots. The essence of this new technology is to cater for hair removing needs, unlike the razors and waxing which cannot offer maximum satisfaction to many people. Never, and I say NEVER, buy an epilator that only cuts hair just at the surface of your skin. Leaving the root inside implies that hair will grow just in a few days.

More tweezers

If you want to take as little time as possible while removing hairs, consider buying an epilator with many tweezers. For instance, removing hairs from your legs can be time-consuming when using a device with few tweezers, because the surface area is extensive. This is a major factor to keep in mind.

Efficiency cap and other accessories

When you pick the package, check if the box contains the efficiency cap just before making payment. It is very essential for reducing pain and making the entire process comfortable and fun.

A new epilator comes with additional accessories such as massaging heads and cooling gloves, which purposely reduce the intensity of the pain. But, the cooling gloves should be used after epilation NOT during or before epilation.

Hairstyling Tools

Hairstyling tools include clippers you always find in the barber shops, as well as flat irons you see in salons. Many folks have clippers at home because they offer convenience than visiting barber shops frequently. The Same case applies to flat irons because they not only offer convenience but also prevent chances of damaging your hair as you flatten it every day.

hair styling tools - flat irons

Choosing hair clippers

  • A good hair clipper should offer comfort to your hand whether the body is made of aluminum or plastic materials. Ergonomically designed clippers are the best option for you.
  • Check if the package has guide combs. Most of the clippers come with 1/16 to 1-inch guide combs, allowing you to cut the hair based on the size and style you want.
  • Choose clippers with reliable motors. For professional clippers, you need a powerful motor to handle different types of hairs. However, it is good to buy a clipper with the universal motor because it can use AC and DC.
  • Clippers come with different sizes of blades, useful hair clippers range from 0.2mm to 13mm. Based on material built, there are self-sharpening designs, those that conduct less heat, and those made for durability. Choose what best suits your needs.
  • Most clippers come with maintenance tools in the box, such as brush, lubricant, and manuals. Ensure the package contains all these extras.

Choosing flat irons

  • Flat irons come with different sizes; ½ to 3-inch plates. 1 inch is suitable for all hair lengths and types. However, you can opt for a larger plate if your hair is too long. You can also visit best flat iron guide for more information about choosing the right flat iron.
  • In given information that is written in thebeautilab.com blog, flat irons can be used for straightening, creating curls and waves. If you want to achieve various styles, choose the version with rounded edges. If you want to make kinks in the hair, choose those with super straight edges.
  • It is ideal to buy flat irons with temperature adjustment control to ensure they don’t get too hot while in use. However, don’t go for those that cannot get hot faster enough.
  • While in the dealer shop, ask the types of irons. There several different kinds, which offer a variety of benefits. Whether you need ceramic, Ionic, Nano, Tourmaline, or Titanium, ensure you inquire intensively about each type.
  • Always check if the flat iron has a warranty. Most of them have 1-year warranty, but it is good to confirm especially if you are buying an expensive flat iron.

New Oral Care Technologies

Replaceable heads

The world of oral care is taking a new shape with the availability of electric toothbrushes, which are more efficient compared to the traditional manual ones. The efficacy of the new toothbrushes is that they do most of the work, unlike manual toothbrushes whereby you do the entire brushing job. Electric toothbrushes come in two types; those that oscillate or rotate and those that vibrate. Those with rotating brush heads oscillate from one tooth to the other, while vibrating ones offer similar brushing experience just like the manual toothbrushes.

top electric tootbrushes

Sonic brushes are types of electric toothbrushes, but with advanced vibrating power. They usually produce a buzzing sound, and can vibrate up to even 48,000 motions per minute. More advanced ones are known as ultra sonic, and they don’t produce any audible buzz. These can vibrate more than 2 million motions per minute. According to experts, sonic toothbrushes are more efficient because they can reach areas where other brushes cannot. They have power to splash water and toothpaste through speedy vibrations, hence resulting to cleaner experience in the mouth.

Even though electric toothbrushes are experiencing gush in popularity over the years, a few people might be facing challenges when it comes to purchasing process. For those that have not yet bought electric brushes, here are the tips to help you throughout the buying cycle.

Either rechargeable or battery powered toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes come in two categories in terms of power usage; rechargeable and battery powered. The former is connected to electricity mains supply, while the latter use AA batteries as the source of power. Rechargeable models have high initial cost, but users probably can save money in the long run. Battery powered versions are usually cheaper to buy, but you will need to replace batteries often.

Cost based on your budget

Electric toothbrushes come with different prices, from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The choice may depend on your budget, but you will always get what suits you. Whether you need a rechargeable or battery powered, there are those with replaceable heads. Therefore, more users can share the body if every person has his or her own head. It is one of the ways to reduce cost of buying more bodies, hence saving money with just a single investment.

Replaceable headsReplaceable heads

Most people see buying electric toothbrushes as a nice investment. However, you also need to choose an ideal head with high quality bristles. Some folks prefer relatively stiffer bristles, while others choose softer ones. If you buy a body to be shared by several users, ensure everyone has his or her suitable head size. For children, they require smaller and soft heads while adults may need bigger heads. Another very important factor to consider is changing your head after every three to six months, since this is highly recommended by dentists for a healthy life style.

Electric toothbrush for kids

In order to motivate your kids to brush their teeth regularly, it is advisable to choose attractive color designs and soft bristles. However, the motion control should be effective such that the kids don’t find it difficult while brushing their teeth. Choose models that offer higher user experience by performing most of the brushing task.

Features to Look for While Buying Electric Toothbrush

  • An ideal electric toothbrush should have a charge indicator light to tell you when you need to recharge. If it is battery powered, it should indicate when the batteries are running low so that you can purchase another pack in advance.
  • The recommended brushing time is two minutes, and the electric brush has a timer to tell you if you exceed this time. The timer also informs the user when to move the brush from one part of the mouth to another.
  • Applying too much pressure can damage your gums, and that is why the brush should have pressure sensor to tell you when movement action and pressure is too high.
  • If the toothbrush comes with several different heads, you can choose the head suitable for cleaning the tongue, or that can reach far end part of your mouth.
  • Lastly, the bristles should turn into white when used for a longer time, and this indicates you need to change the head. Also, ensure you buy a toothbrush with replaceable head. This will save you the cost of buying the entire piece.

Using The Internet to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Using The Internet to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Internet Usage to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Using The Internet to Promote a Healthy LifestyleEvery New Year comes new resolutions. For many of us, it is all about losing weight and living a much healthier lifestyle than we have in the past. In a society obsessed with selfies, self-image and the appearance of happiness, affluence and well-being, it is not surprising that most have started using the Internet to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it be to find the kind of information they need, guidance, support or just to document their progress, the internet and the myriad of resources it presents has become an integral part of healthy living.

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Health Benefits of Juicing for Healthy Americans

Health Benefits of Juicing for Healthy Americans


Health Benefits of Juicing for Healthy Americans It is almost impossible to argue against the health benefits of eating your fruits and vegetables. However drinking your fruits and veggies is a totally different story. Its proponents say that juicing is the antidote to a bad health. Here are the health benefits of juicing for the American Public:

The main reason you need to juice is to increase fresh juice intake. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with a wealth of minerals and vitamins that help in boosting your immunity and fight the oxidative stress in your body. The majority of the American citizens get only 42% and 59% of the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables respectively per day.

This is according to Dietary Guidelines for American citizens 2010. With juicing, you also get the chance to experiment with vegetables that you might not be eating regularly or understand how to use in recipes, such as beets or kales, which are full of nutrients like vitamin B and K. nutritionist at Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, together with other proponents, strongly believe that the process of juicing makes nutrients in the fruits or vegetables more readily available since your body doesn’t necessarily need to digest the food before absorbing the nutrients.

However, its noteworthy to mention that no scientific evidence is available to confirm whether this is healthier compared to eating fresh vegetables or fruits.

It is a common knowledge that vegetables and fruits are loaded with essential minerals and vitamins. Since some fruits and vegetables are cooked before eating, the process of cooking might damage some essential nutrients. Juicing is therefore recommended since it helps you get most of the essential vitamins and minerals. This is according to Dr. Joe Milliard, Center for Nutrition and Food Safety director at the Surrey University.

Improve Eyesight

You are probably aware that fruit juice especially carrot juice supports eyesight but you don’t know how it works. This is because fruit juice (carrot juice) contains compounds known as lutein and beta-carotene. These compounds can be found highly concentrated in your retinas. They protect and support your vision, more so your night vision. The beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A by the liver and then it goes to the retina to become rhodopsin, a compound vital to your healthy night vision.

Prevent Cancer

Health Benefits of Juicing for Healthy Americans Fruit and vegetable juices especially carrot juice are rich in high levels of carotenoids. These compounds have been linked to a decrease of twenty percent for postmenopausal cancer r of the breast. Some researchers looking into the health benefits of carrot juice have also shown a fifty percent decrease in the occurrence of cancer types such as prostate, colon, larynx, bladder, and cervix.

Other recent studies have shown the same result regarding lung cancer. Scientists believe that these effects are as a result of the levels of alpha-carotene, gamma-carotene, xanthophylls, lycopene and lutein.

High water content in vegetable and fruits will also benefit your body since water supports the body in getting rid of waste more efficiently. How you make your juice or smoothie can also affect the amount of fiber. Juices made from softer vegetables and fruits using a blender contains a healthy amount of fiber. Drinks made in the juicing machine- meant for hard veggies and fruits- separate fiber from the end product to give a fine juice.

And even the best and most expensive vitamin pill can never provider the same health benefit as the real thing. Not even most complete supplement mix can match the nutritional complexity of a fresh vegetable or fruit.

Juicing also provides you with the best way to sneak all the goodness of vegetable and fruits into your diet. So, I believe the juicer, should be at the heart of your kitchen, with juice drinks taking pride of place at your dinner table. When choosing a juicer there are several things to consider that are important to your health and I suggest that you read juicer reviews about different types of juicers for better insight into the factors that play a vital role in making juice that has kept its nutrition value as factors like speed and quality of the blades play an important role here.

Juicing Supports Your Digestive Health

Health Benefits of Juicing for Healthy Americans Juicing enthusiast believes that drinking raw vegetable juice makes your digestive system to work more efficiently. Although the benefit of consuming fiber when taking your raw vegetable drink will be lost, it takes far less energy to break down food already in liquid form. Heating veggies also damage some enzyme contents, which is believed to impede digestion. With juicing, proponents believe that these enzymes are not just preserved but you also give your digestive system a rest.

If your main aim of juicing is enzymes, you’ll discover that the correct food combinations can support digestion. Food experts think that consuming a protein like cheese or beef, which needs one type of enzyme to break down, with a carbohydrate, which needs another type of digestive enzyme, may lead to bloating and indigestion. Juicing enables you eat only one type of food at a time, so your digestion is speedier.

Researchers also believe that the photoprotectants known as the metabolic regulators- compounds often found in colored pigments in majority of fruits and veggies- assist in regulation of your metabolism. Without them, your DNA may undergo changes which may result in cancer. It’s also believed that some types of cancers are caused by the imbalance of hormones in your body.

Although this field of science has not been fully understood, vegetables and fruits juices are again seen the main tool necessary for your body to prevent the imbalances. New researches have also shown that vegetables and fruits juices play a key role in increasing levels of minerals in your bones. It’s believed that this is because of the ability of fruits and vegetables to prevent loss of calcium in the bones.


Juicing proponents believe that juicing is far much important to you than eating whole vegetables and fruits because this enables your body to absorb nutrients better and it also gives the digestive system a rest from breaking down the fiber. It is also believed that juicing can lower risk of cancer, support the flushing out of toxins from your body, boost y your immunity, assist you shed off extra pounds and boost your digestion.

If you are looking to include liquid nutrition to your diet, both fresh juices and smoothies are full of health benefits. Juicing is the best way to increase your intake of vegetables and fruits.

How Technology Is Changing What We Are Eating?

Technology Is Changing What We Are Eating

Technology Affects on What We Are Eating

Technology changes what you eat by influencing the taste, appearance or even the experience of what you take into your stomach. Because people have engaged technology in many other areas, it makes sense to employ it in peoples’ relationship with food as well. In fact, more people are now thinking about how food looks or even how it can be made to look better. This is quite evident in photos that spread on social media and other food networks every day.

Knowing What’s Inside Your Meal

Technology Is Changing What We Are EatingPeople shop for food at grocery stores without stopping to think about the ingredient contained therein. However, there’s a small segment of consumers who are health-conscious about what they eat. He reckons that checking food label can be time-consuming and even confusing, given the massive amount of information that’s slapped on the label.

However, there are dozens of device-makers coming up with tools that serve as sophisticated sensors that detect what the ingredients are. Startups like 6SensorLabs in San Fransisco are planning to come up with a commercial portable allergic sensor that will be able to pick up signs of gluten in food. Such tools are designed to bring relief to people suffering from gluten-intolerance or those with serious cases of Celiac disease.

Another company called TellSpec says it has developed a unique technology that can help determine what’s inside food, including chemicals, allergens, and calories. However, TellSpec is not the only participant in the race. Other companies like lSCiO (based in Israel) raised crowd-funding dollars in 2014 to pursue a similar idea.

Enhancing Your Knowledge of Food

Technology Is Changing What We Are EatingIt’s all in the news out there. Every month consumers are informed that a certain food group or category caused or healed cancer. Yet again, there is the usual controversy surrounding drinks like red wine, coffee and so on. But who has enough time to dedicate in sorting out all this information?

Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that different mobile apps have emerged, and they’re processing this data and presenting it in a consumer-friendly way.

Another mobile app called Fooducate allows shoppers to scan food at the grocery shop and assign it a grade. This is typical between A and D. These grades are assigned based on the breakdown of ingredients used, calorie count, in addition to a comprehensive list of healthier food alternatives.

If you want to test how good you are when it comes to food knowledge, then there’s Health IQ. Once you download the app, you are given an opportunity to tackle over 10k medical questions on different topics such as childhood health, food allergies, and portion control.

But technology has seen much more similar apps emerging to help the consumer sort information, or even connect with a nutritionist.

A mobile app called Rise has been connecting consumers to nutritionists for a long time now. Beside this, it has been helping consumers track their food consumption on a daily basis while giving helpful tips or suggestions on how one can eat better to stay healthier. However, the flip-side of using this app is that you’ll have to be comfortable taking photos of what you eat.

Myriads of food products showing up, thanks to technology;

Go to Silicon Valley and you’ll meet entrepreneurs putting big bets on the food science industry. Right now, they are using healthier but cost-effective methods in experimenting potential solutions.

In fact, a certain group of companies have emerged today and are working tirelessly to bring animal product alternatives. Take the example of Clara and Hampton Creek. These two companies have since developed substitutes for those who can’t eat eggs sighting reasons related to high cholesterol and fat. Likewise, another company has taken it a notch higher to create a highly nutritious liquid meal replacement that is aimed at tech workers who don’t have time to catch up with solid meals.

And as if this is not enough, other companies are giving edible insects a shot, although this takes a strong stomach to fathom. They’ve been making cricket flour for some time, and it’s said that this type of flour is high in protein and is gluten-free. Bitty Foods has also joined the bandwagon, and they’re vouching for cricket flour which could partially replace regular baking flour used in pastries.

Technology is your friend when it comes to helping you prepare meals;

Those who want to drop pounds are advised to eat more at home than in restaurants. When you prepare your own meal, you have control over how much salt, oil and sweeteners you use.

But still, many people think cooking requires a massive time investment, which is true especially in a fast-paced world where people are busy with their career lives.

Silicon Valley is still believed to have the ultimate solution for those who don’t want to go through traditional cooking. Smart appliances such as Nomiku, June, sous-vide, and others are saving you from the pain of preparing food. June sends you a text message as soon as your steak is brought to perfection. You can also monitor how it’s cooking through a live video stream, so you never have to be in the kitchen all the time.

A crazier approach is seen in how Sous-vide method works. They say this method lets you prepare food in a vacuum-sealed bag with temperature-controlled water. This method might take a long time to cook food, although many chefs vouch for it.

Food Delivery

Technology Is Changing What We Are EatingFood delivery apps have exploded into the market to give consumers a choice when it comes to how they order food. These apps can be sorted out in 3 categories. These are apps, websites, and services aimed at delivering restaurant food to the consumer at home or wherever they are. Some of these services have also specialized in delivering farm-fresh ingredients to a specific segment of clientele who are health-conscious. In other words, they put more priority on health even if it means charging a little bit more than what their competitors are charging.


It is true that technology has changed how you eat to achieve a common goal. It is even likely that new technology will continue influencing food, how it’s prepared and consumed. As for now, this is just a tip of the iceberg, and more should be expected on the way. Whether you are a foodie or not, you will find some convenience in what technology is doing in relation to food.