American Censorship ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’

Whilst the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is not yet set in place, it is currently still being talked about. The purpose of this bill is very clear. The means of this new bill, however, is the reason why there is still talk about it. Particularly about how effective this new law will be.

In this article, we will have a more thorough look at the Stop Online Piracy Act. The article will assist in deciding if this new law may end up harming the Howl Online Network that the United States use or not.
The main reason for the law is that this new act will have the ability to react on the world wide web.

It will also be able to react to a wide range of backdoor and thorny copyright problems that exist. Not only this, but this new bill is now also in violation of another law. This law is known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This Digital Millennium Copyright Act was developed in 1998. Since the act was developed, it has determined what the future development of the world wide web industry will be.

The Stop Online Piracy Act supporters are very confident that the purpose of this new bill is to protect businesses. It will also protect the citizens who are residing in the United States. All of these citizens and businesses will be fully protected from all sorts of unsuitable websites that come from other countries throughout the world.

Those who are completely against this new law, make the assumption that it is simply a wholesale total censorship. They say this censorship will come with a very small piece of regulation. This means that this new law will have the ability to regulate the behavior of user’s from other countries in different parts of the world.

We all know that internet piracy continues to be an increasing problem. Not only in the United States but in many different countries in the world. A permanent solution to this problem really must be made. Sooner rather than later.

The Stop Online Piracy Act has several points that are sure to have an affect on the world wide web and it’s websites. Not only that, but it will also have an affect on the entertainment and retail industries. You can be sure that this new bill will cause many difficulties. Why? Because the legislation that this particular bill has is the ability to permanently remove websites. Not only will the websites be permanently removed, but so will the information that can be found on them.

The SOPA was really designed to have an affect on payment resources. Not only that but all kinds of marketing networks too. For the time being, these are the only things that have been given the all clear from this new law.

The Stop Online Piracy Act will play a major role in future world wide web development. In the mean time, there is no reason why the SOPA should be used. Particularly for the current situation of its field. Stop American censorship.

Americans And Technology: The Good And The Bad

Americans And Technology The Good And The Bad

Americans and Technology

Americans And Technology The Good And The BadConsidering the new advancements taking place each passing day, the current growth rate in technology in America today is so high. Taking the credit for this is the excessive technological research programs being currently done by researchers within businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations. Technology can, in fact, be referred to simply as scientific knowledge in reference to the problems experienced in today’s world. Technological advancements impact differently on the American society.

Impacts of technology on the American society

As mentioned earlier, technology has heavily impacted on the American society. These effects can, in fact, be felt and experienced in American’s daily lives. Technology affects the economy’s growth, living standards and culture. Of noteworthy importance, however, is the fact that these impacts can come as either positive or negative.

Positive impacts

Americans And Technology The Good And The BadSocial networking is one of the technological advancements that have taken place over the years. Many Americans are increasingly using these sites on each passing day. With social networking, it can only be termed as amazing how one can be able to trace a friend from a long time ago and reconnect. The American society has become quite a mobile today which clearly separates both friends and family geographically. Technology therefore conveniently enables them to keep in touch.

Social networking also has the advantage of getting rid of the sense of isolation. Contributing to this are the virtual worlds and the online communities. A good example is where someone might harbor the feeling of rejection by their family or community but meets someone online with whom they share interests, hobbies, and pursuits. Another example is an American who pursues photography like a serious leisure activity. The internet will enable the person to share this passion throughout the world using video chat, e-mail, online video, discussion boards and a lot of other websites.

The American environment is so full of technology that Americans barely notice its impacts on their lives until they have no transport, telephone, electricity or water. Advancements in technology have really improved living standards. Current rates of inflation and unemployment might be high but in general, American’s feeding habits have improved, their dressing is way better than before and better yet, their lives are more comfortable.

The impact of technology on the American culture is very significant. This includes laws and their enforcement, art, language, education, mobility, religion and health care. Technological advancements in health care, for instance, have enabled doctors to treat patients in virtual environments through mediums like video conferencing. In American legal environments, judges can listen to hardcore criminal cases without the criminals actually getting into courtrooms for security reasons.

With technology came an improvement in learning processes. Education being the backbone of the economy in America, there is the need for well-organized infrastructure in education to help learners interpret information in a better way. Technologies such as computers, smart whiteboards, I pads, mobile phones, the internet, and projectors are used in classrooms to boost learning. Visual education has also proved to be one of the best learning methods.

Technology has improved communication in America whereby it has a number of purposes. Organizations and societies depend on communication for information transfer. Electronic media such as televisions, radio, social media and the internet have improved our exchange of ideas which in the long run lead to development of societies. An example is the last presidential election where president Barrack Obama used communication technology to voice his concerns about development in America.

Negative impacts

Americans And Technology The Good And The BadSocial networking which has been mentioned as being a major technological advancement comes with its negative side. With the American society, one needs not look far to find these problems. Some people believe that these sites contribute a lot to cheating with some resulting in gruesome divorces. Some Americans have confessed to being fired from jobs or pressurized for using the sites at work or due to some post undermining their professional standing.

Both divorce and loss of jobs might be serious but not as common as other problems resulting from these sites such as narcissism. Narcissism can be defined as too much interest in oneself or one’s appearance-sometimes seen in social sites. These sites are a good avenue for Americans to show their narcissistic characters online. Rather than using these sites to create meaningful relationships, Americans use them to display or gain popularity.

The negative effects of technology on kids can also be exposed. Compared to the preceding ones, the current batch of children in America is completely different. We are currently in the digital age where technology blends with all daily activities, therefore, becoming a way of life. Consequently, children cannot imagine the world without all these electronics, gadgets and the operations provided by computer technology. Children in the U.S devote approximately 40 hours a week to the internet, video games, and technology. Many researchers and psychologists are greatly concerned by the impacts technology has on children.

The negative aspect of mass communication technology in America is that it makes people grow distant from each other. This came especially with the invention of smartphones, televisions, computers and the like which took over as the primary means of communication. Technology is supposed to help Americans improve their lives but instead prevents them from building meaningful relationships.

Pollution affects the American lands, water, crops and air. The increased technological advancements have resulted in an increase in the processing and manufacturing factories. They release gasses and chemicals that are harmful which consequently pollute the environment and result in climate changes or better yet, global warming.

Resource depletion is another major negative impact. Increased demand for technology comes with increased pressure on natural resources. Considering the number of computers and phones manufactured today, an increase in population would demand an increase in the manufacturing of these items, therefore, leading to depletion of resources. This means that one day all natural resources are going to be missing which could be a major problem.

As much technology has both negative and positive effects, it is up to Americans to decide how to use it. What should be avoided is the use of technology for resources exploitation. Using it positively will lead to positive effects on lives. Future and present American generation should be protected from any of technology’s negative impacts.

Ways The Internet Has Affected The American Society


Human life and the internet are inseparable; humans live in a society that has cylindrical co-dependence on the internet. We depend on the internet; use it daily in our lives. Our demand and needs for the internet keep on growing.

We use the internet to communicate, do business, learn and live a good life. However, poor use of the internet has caused man a lot of concerns. It can lead to serious problems in human life as well as the society. Here is how the internet has affected the American society:

The Internet Has Made Communication Easier

Think of those days when online messengers weren’t there, no emails. Indeed, the internet technology has made it possible for people to pass and receive information over wireless media. We have seen Web communication facilities working wonders in speeding communication over long distances.

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A Green Guide To Recycle Wastes in Our Country

A Green Guide To Recycle Wastes in Our Country

A Green Guide To Recycle Wastes in Our CountryRecycling is a great way to keep the environment free of waste and to help re-use different things. Through this, we can be able to cut down the problem for too much waste and we can also help preserve the environment.

Whether you’ll be recycling appliances or other types of waste, we should always follow specific guidelines because some of these items may contain harmful elements which can poison the water or ground when not disposed of properly. It is important to note that different waste must be considered for recycling safely to lessen the clutter or trash that are extremely toxic to our natural environment.

Recycling a Garbage Disposal

Most kitchen appliances are being thrown out for pick up by garbage collectors. From that point, they go straight to a landfill where they develop rust and then expel some toxic waste into our planet. Since they aren’t biodegradable, they just stay there for countless of years and take up too much space.

The good news is large appliances like TV, refrigerators, washers, dryers or even small appliance like garbage disposals can be recycled. It is vital to pay attention to your country guidelines for recycling these items to ensure that the rules and regulations are followed and nothing is violated.

The right thing to do is to get in touch with local charities like Red Cross or shelters, as these places gladly accept used appliances, that is if they are still working properly. You can also advertise it on websites like craigslist for the purpose. I’m sure there are lots of people who’ll get interested in that instead of just throwing it directly to the landfill.

Although garbage disposals are almost entirely metal, it is better to assume it can go for salvage instead of going to the landfill. If it is still working, like it still chews stuff up but already leaks at the bottom, you can recycle it for smoothies to grind or press fruits, and for healthy recipes. To achieve this, you just simply have to mount it on your sink and put an underneath bucket to catch the fruits. You can check the best garbage disposal units on

How about other types of garbage?

A Green Guide To Recycle Wastes in Our CountryCheck your city’s guidelines through their website and take a list of the materials you can recycle. You can choose to buy stackable bins for recycling from different home stores and choose a place to store your recyclable wastes.

Many cities and local towns now hold annual drives which people can also donate recyclable materials and computers, electronics and other appliances. It is also beneficial to attend local gatherings about how you can efficiently recycle wastes, and there you will get many ideas on how to use them in many creative ways.

It really pays to think ahead and plan to reduce generating waste from just simply reusing items like jars, plastic, and glass. You can find lots of ideas on the internet to know how you can reuse these items creatively like for storage, gifts and many more.

So the next time your copy machine breaks, or your computer needs to be replaced or updated, think about recycling them first. Through this, you will be able to help some people in need, or even make the Earth a better place to live in for our future generations.

Biodegradable Wastes

Biodegradable wastes can be animal, food or plant matters that break down in the soil naturally.

The best way to eliminate biodegradable wastes is to turn them into compost. There are actually a lot of ways you can contribute to elimination of a lot of wastes in a way that it is also healthy for our nature. The first step is to collect food materials or wastes into a collection bin that’s separate from your trash can. There, you can place your food wastes after preparation or eating of meals.

If you’re creating compost, it must have at least 50% green manure. They will be introducing nitrogen to your pile and will enhance composting process. Food wastes and table scraps are just the most common forms but you can also use grass clippings and tea bags.

The remaining 50% of your compost must contain brown wastes. These give carbon to your pile and include trimmings, branches, brown paper bags, leaves newspapers etc.

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping Behaviors

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping Behaviors

Advancement In Online Shopping Behaviors

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping BehaviorsTechnology has played a large role in how the shopping behaviors of consumers have changed over the years. As technology continues to advance, consumer shopping behavior will continue to change and adapt. The trends have been easy to track and monitor and will be useful in predicting how consumers will behave over the next months and years. Many trends in online are introduced each new day while others are consequently rendered obsolete.

Prior to Technology

Before technology became so common, people had other ways of handling their shopping needs. This included going to the local supermarket for food and to the nearest malls and outlets for every other need that they had. Without the access to computers and smartphones people also did their research on major purchases much differently than they do now.

The research was much more hands on and involved speaking to others who had purchased the item that is being looked at. If something could not be bought in a local store, many people resorted to using catalogs to buy their items.

Introducing Technology to Shopping

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping BehaviorsWith the invention of the computer and the introduction of the internet, consumer shopping habits began to change. What once had to be done strictly through brick and mortar stores as well as catalogs began to shift away to a new method of shopping.

Slowly companies realized the benefit of using the internet to promote their business and to push their products. They began to use emails to connect with their targeted shopping audience as well as have products listed online so that people are able to view what companies have available beyond what was available in their local stores. This shift in publicity for businesses started the real changes that have led to what we now see in the marketplace today.

Online Shopping

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping BehaviorsAs companies began to see the benefits of utilizing the internet to push their sales, online stores and marketplaces started popping up. These online stores and marketplaces changed things for the average consumer.

The introduction of the internet to the ways that people were able to shop made purchasing less popular items much easier, particularly in the little towns that relied on just a few physical shopping centers. This also increased revenue for many companies in locations that they may not have had a presence in before.

As time has gone on and people have become more comfortable with the idea of purchasing items over the internet, they have started to see the benefits of this form of shopping. Not only do they have more access to a variety of products, this saves them the time that it would traditionally have taken to go and purchase the idea in a store. This has changed the balance of physical store purchases compared to online purchases.

Shopping Holidays

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping BehaviorsAs more people started using the internet to supplement their daily shopping, businesses started to look for ways to use this to their benefit. One of the ways that they looked into this was with the shopping holidays. The biggest shopping holidays occur after Thanksgiving. Originally things began with Black Friday.

When Black Friday sales began on the internet, they were still primarily based on the store. People often used the internet to get a head start on where the best sales were going to be and when the major sales would start. Over time, stores began adding in a few special sales that could only be purchased through their online website. Once the stores realized how popular this method of selling items was, they started doing more specials primarily online. Eventually, Cyber Monday was created.

Cyber Monday is a day where people will go online with the sole intention of getting the best deals possible from the internet. It was the internet’s answer to Black Friday and has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Beyond the traditional market expanding to the internet, there has been another unique side effect of the online shopping market’s popularity with consumers.

Entirely Online Stores

Beyond the brick and mortar stores expanding to the online world, consumers’ fascination with shopping online had another side effect that no one could have predicted. Shopping markets that were entirely online started becoming more popular. This was evidenced by companies such as eBay and Amazon.

As people became even more comfortable with doing their shopping online, these online stores showed up that had no physical manifestation. The consumers showed through the continued existence of these stores that they enjoyed having the option to “shop” at these stores for many reasons.

Many of these stores catered to very specific clientele or niches. Some of these other stores allowed consumers to search for an item that they have wanted and may have spent a lot of time searching for in the brick and mortar stores.

Today’s consumer likes have full control over every aspect of their life. The ability to use the internet has increased their control of their spending habits. It has also increased people’s spending in another way.

Shopping In Excess

Recent Changes In Consumer Online Shopping BehaviorsAn issue that is common with today’s consumer is overspending. When purchasing something in a brick and mortar store, it is a lot easier to curb the spending habits than it is when shopping online. Online shopping consists of searching on websites such as Amazon where thousands of images will appear when you enter something into the search engine.

While the consumer sees the purchase price, it is much easier to ignore it on a computer screen and add it to the shopping cart. Many of today’s consumers will purchase items with very little thought or consideration to exactly what they are buying and how much money they are spending on the item. This leaves room for a lot of problems and possibilities for the future.

As technology has evolved, consumers shopping habits have evolved with it. As time goes on, there will surely be more changes to come. Maybe we will come to a day when most if not all of the shopping will be done on the internet and the stores will become obsolete.

What’s the New Way Of American Life?

What’s the New Way Of American Life


A forwarded email originally by John Tabb has been doing rounds on the internet and has since been printed. It is a deliciously crafted piece of writing and offers a farfetched gaming approach. There are numerous falsehoods all through the information provided in the writing.

It shows how an individual can receive $75,000 for their girlfriend through legally playing the housing assistance program section 8. The truth of the matter is it’s against the law to receive any federal benefit based on falsehood. It talks about the Housing Department and the housing voucher program choice from Urban Development.

False Steps

The New Way of American Life’ focuses on taxpayer outrage and welfare abuse. To receive $75,000, the item suggests the following steps. Not to get married, to use your mother’s address to receive mail, buy a house, rent out the house to your girlfriend who has your two children, the housing assistance program section 8 pays $900 monthly for a home with 3 bedrooms.

All these information is false and cannot add up. To begin with, to be listed in the housing assistance program section 8 in order to receive a voucher and fool around the system can take so long. In addition getting onto the waiting list is not assured.

Girlfriend to sign up for Obamacare, guy doesn’t pay family insurance

What’s the New Way Of American LifeThe Affordable Care Act and the Patient Protection Act have for a long time been misinterpreted. The APA (Obamacare) and PPA doesn’t allow free sign ups to low-income Americans receive free health insurance or free medical care. It only provides the households of low-income Americans with subsidies/tax credits for every health insurance purchased. However, for someone to qualify for this, they have to be on the lowest ACA’s income scale. Also, the deserving persons must choose the cheapest health insurance plan.

Single mother, girlfriend goes to college free

There is no way that can guarantee single moms free college education. It is true that the federal Pell grants are in a position to provide students, who meet the minimum qualification, with approximately $6,000 yearly to cater for college attending costs. This, however, depends on individual student’s financial need. The grants are not tied to the status of being a single mom.

Some scholarships and grants are available for parents who are single to assist them in paying school fees while they are in school and provide assistance in paying off the grants once they are out. However, such programs are limited and only a few mothers without partners can attend college for free based on their status.

Girlfriend earns $600 monthly for food stamps

What’s the New Way Of American LifeNutritional supplement assistance programs commonly referred to as food stamps are in most cases criticized. The programs aim at dealing with hunger in financially struggling families. The eligibility for these programs depends on household size.

However, the maximum allocation ranges from around $195 for families of one to around $1,169 for families of eight. In addition, additionally, every additional family member qualifies for around $146 monthly in benefits. The size of the household portrayed here can’t qualify for a monthly $600 in benefits.

The Agriculture Department where the programs operate estimates an annual loss of approximately 4%. In as much as it believed that these programs are rampantly abused, and have little oversight, any form of fraud in the programs is investigated aggressively and prosecution made where applicable. This clearly shows the untrue nature of this item.

Girlfriend gave a free cell phone by the US government

What’s the New Way Of American Life“Obamaphones’ also the Lifeline program requires providers of phone services to offer discounts on wireless or landline telephone services to low-income earners who pass the eligibility test. The program came into existence before Barrack Obama assumed office. This program doesn’t require providers to provide cell phones for free to anyone. However, some phone service providers may choose to issue people with free cell phones on their expense.

Girlfriend receives free utilities

Some programs with a state level administration provide financial assistance to low-income families in a bid to offset essential utility’s costs. This only applies to emergency situations. The families have to prove that they are indeed poor before receiving the free utilities.

Guy moves into a home but continues to receive mail through her mother’s house

It is possible to do this theoretically, however, the individual who falsified deliberately his address residence so that he can live a self-owned house that rent was being paid by another party through section 8 is committing a crime. He would be taking legal and legitimate advantage of programs assisted by the government.

Girlfriend gets to claim one child and the guy claims one child on taxes. Both claim a credit of $1,800 head of household

What’s the New Way Of American LifeIn as much as taxpayers are craftily claiming tax deductions they aren’t entitled it’s illegal. The IRL status head of household tax filing entitles people filing for higher deductions $9,200 for single taxpayers and $ 6,300 for married taxpayers and the filing is done separately.

The dollar amount can be deducted from the taxpayers’ taxable income. This isn’t an amount they stand to get back as a tax refund. In addition, if the two parents claim either of the two kids to be dependent, the mom can’t be collecting benefits legally for both kids.

Girlfriend receives $1,800 because they have a bad back or because they are crazy

This isn’t possible because an individual cannot declare themselves to have back problems or mentally ill then stay at home and be receiving disability payments for life. Medical professionals have to document such claims as genuine disabling conditions.

The woman should also accrue enough work credits in order to qualify for such disability payments. For an individual to qualify for such payments, there are a lot of factors that are put into consideration including age, medical conditions, transferable skills, previous work experience, and education. If an individual isn’t able to do any other work then their claim can be approved.


In as much as this item claims that this plan is legal, several of its aspects involve system defraud in a prohibited fashion. It is a criminal offense to defraud the system and necessary actions can be taken to persons found guilty. If a family hides assets or maybe provides false information on application forms, severe penalties could be taken on them.