SOPA is gone

In spite of all those arguments and endless conversations about all pros and cons of the Stop Online Piracy Act, the war has fortunately come to an end. However it has left a lot of questions which need to be answered as soon as possible. The main question is where to forward all that energy that was firstly directed on this bill establishment. Of course, we all understand that drastic measures should be taken in order to reduce the level of online piracy. But we still do not know how to do this without severe obligations for ordinary users.

The main problem is the fact that US government is not able to come into terms with the fact that internet has boundaries. SOPA could influence not only situation in the United States but also in the rest of the world. This thing should also be taken into consideration. Now internet is mostly controlled by the USA. In this situation SOPA could turn out to be an effective tool in undertaking of internet industry of the rest of the world. For example, US citizens would be limited to Chinese resources according to this legislation. This would certainly affect not only Asia but also the rest of the world.

Some people say that now we are witnessing Internet dictatorship which is established by Obama and US government. SOPA is only beginning and it can lead to inevitable consequences unless politics will be able to understand the dispute over the situation when the actual crime has taken place. In other words they should find the way that will not lead to the limitation of human rights in the USA and other countries of the world.