How SOPA Works

In order to find out how the Stop Online Privacy Act would work, let’s speak about stealing. Stealing is bad in all its forms. You are not allowed to take something which does not belong to you without permission or necessary compensation. For example, it is wrong to enter a supermarket and take an apple without paying for it. It is illegal. At the same time you are also not allowed to sell a stolen apple in your own store to other customers. This is the main idea of SOPA bill.

However we should take into consideration the fact that digital stealing differs a lot. Here we do not deal with physical objects. Intellectual property needs different and more effective approach. For example, it is very easy to steal content, duplicate it and add to your own website. In case you still a video or popular Hollywood blockbuster, you can provide your customers with a chance to watch it. AT the same time studio will keep earning money from selling tickets, DVDs and any other staff related to its film. This is the main difference.

However according to SOPA copyright owners together with US attorneys will be able to eliminate such digital thieves and make their resources disappear once and for all. In other words in case you still digital intellectual property you will certainly get your internet penalty. If you are guilty, you will have only 5 days in order to take all necessary measures and actions.

At the same time SOPA is mainly aimed domain name system providers in addition to financial companies and advertising networks. Internet connection providing companies are not in the list. Government is also able to remove content as well as close websites which are guilty of displaying or duplicating stolen content.