Law Reformation

The Stop Online Piracy Act is already dead. However some people are sure that it will return back very soon in a new form. It is obvious that this bill needs reformation. On the other side this situation has proved that internet groups are able to influence final decision as well as fight against measures and acts which are to the detriment of their private laws and rights. This is the best moment for them to come together and make necessary correction is order this legislation was aimed on stopping piracy but not limiting users’ rights. Here are several points which need reformation.

  1. One of the main points is to provide website owners a chance to prove their innocence. 5 days is not enough. In such situation experts offer to make this period longer. 10 days would be more than enough in order to evaluate the claim with further taking down of all materials.
  2. Copyright terms should be also shortened. Some of you remember that this period used to be up to 14 years which is more than enough from all points of view. However government decided to make this period longer and now copyright terms last up to 70 years! Public Knowledge is sure that this has already gone too far. They ask to make this period shorter and cut it at least to 50 years.
  3. Clarifying of the term “fair use” is a necessity. For example, you are allowed using copyright material for a list of purposes without permission. However these purposes are not clearly indicated. Quotation should not be considered as stealing of digital intellectual property.
  4. Overbearing of copyright claims should be also taken into account. For example, NBA or NFL forbids using pictures, descriptions and any other content without their consent. Few of us know that they DO NOT have a right to establish such kind of limitation.

If some of these points will be corrected, SOPA may turn out to be more effective when it comes to online piracy and less obligatory when it comes to limitation of users’ rights.