Impacts of Technology on Recreational Life and Adventure Activities

Impacts of Technology on Recreational Life and Adventure Activities


Utilizing technology for recreation and adventure activities partly involves identifying with particular groups who share similar interests and can easily fit into such activities. Availability of vehicles for example in the early 1930s made it possible for people from various walks of life to meet and fulfil desired undertakings be it going to concerts, partying or any other recreational activity.

From these meetings, the activities started to gain popularity in the 50’s especially among the youth as the ideas for recreation gained significance and led to a progression of these thoughts into actual activities. It is these same people that would come up with innovations and platforms that would turn imagination into reality.

The Revolution

Impacts of Technology on Recreational Life and Adventure ActivitiesTeaming up with major stakeholders saw the induction of technology to these ideas and technology took over as the major influence of implementation of these ideas. The early 80s played host to a wide range of inventions and as time lapsed, more and more outdoor activities became safer, easier and more fun.

In the early 90’s the internet was faced out to the public and this industrial revolution gave birth to a technological boom that stretched up to the early 21st century. Developments and Improvements in the industry facilitated changes in recreational life and adventure activities as we experience them today.

How Do Technology Influenced Recreation and The Outdoor Experience?

The invention, Innovation, improvement revolution, and change; all these terms come to mind when identifying the technological impacts, achievements, and progress. Looking at the big picture, almost all aspects and activities of our day-to-day lives are influenced by technology. Whether it is work related or recreation activities, we cannot ignore the impact of technology on life and adventure activities.

As the world evolves, so does the human need for adventure and interesting recreational activities. Why? To take the edge off the seriousness that is life and the basic human nature of pursuit of prosperity and success.

It is basic human instinct to go out and have fun just to feel good and fill the void brought about by work challenges, family situations, stress related complication and the dire need to stand out from other fellow humans.

Communication Is Key

Impacts of Technology on Recreational Life and Adventure ActivitiesWith the advent of the fast internet, almost everything once thought impossible now seems as easy as spreading butter on a slice of bread. Social media has made the world a global village; fast internet has changed our viewership experience; 3D technology has kept the cinema business alive; new inventions like modern train stations and convenient transportation like Uber has greatly contributed to improvement of our outdoor activities and last but not least we cannot ignore the role technology has played in making our streets safer and more comfortable to walk on.

Communication in a wide spectrum is one of the most influential ways of influencing our daily outdoor activities. The smartphone age has done its fair share of ensuring convenience when choosing recreational activities to take part in.

Popular messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, and BBM just to name a few, have replaced the conventional SMS we were used to a few years ago. That means you can connect with anyone and share any digital information through a mobile device no matter the geographical difference. Group texting has made it possible for people with similar interests to meet and enjoy outdoor activities.

A few years ago communication was either by word of mouth, phone calls, faxes, posters or audio-visual broadcasts example radios and TV. Simply put, for one to get the word around, it took time, money, a lot of effort and patience of which more often than not would not yield desired results.

Nowadays almost all information passes through the internet. It is like this giant capsule that acts as the source and go-to option when in need of capturing a wide audience. Amazingly, the limits as to what the internet can do are seen far beyond reach. Visual communication platforms like Skype now sound like ancient technology taken for granted by the upcoming generation.

Seamless Outdoor Experiences

Impacts of Technology on Recreational Life and Adventure ActivitiesTechnology has transformed outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, skiing, surfing, and camping. Communication companies through revolutionary technology have broadened connection services to remote areas that play host to these outdoor activities. Need to navigate unfamiliar mountains easily and safely? Use Google Maps.

Need to communicate as a large group? Use 36-mile radios. In the case of an emergency, just use Personal Locator Beacons (PRBs) or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs). Seamless technology at your disposal increases the potential of you to have safe, convenient and fulfilling outdoor experiences.

As the amount of leisure time increases, so does the need for effortless, convenient and limitless recreation activities. Recognition of the importance of leisure activities gave rise to the leisure society in the mid 90’s.

The recognition of importance of leisure activities became the hallmark for the development of socio-economic benchmarks that would enable the industrialized population to be more active. Technology became a platform for the derivation of these recreational activities and the need to fill this vacuum inspired the dawn of the technological revolution as we see it today.

Technology And Extreme Sports

Impacts of Technology on Recreational Life and Adventure ActivitiesInvesting your valuable time in recreation for societal growth needs to be justified and backed up by technology. Inventions that make this possible such as all-terrain vehicles, vehicles that make it easier to navigate the waterfront such as aqua vehicles and fly-boarders play a part in influencing the choice of outdoor activities.

These new inventions make it easier to sell the idea of taking advantage of technology when taking part in outdoor activities. Extreme sports such as archery, off-road driving, hunting, scuba diving, bungee jumping, parachuting and other forms of dangerous but adventurous activities are now safer and more accommodating. Adrenaline junkies have technology to thank as their only limit is their own imagination.


The impact technology is a blade that cuts both ways. Mitigating the negative influences of new technology is as important as embracing the good side of it. One way of ensuring technology improves socio-economic development with regards to technology and recreation is stopping the negative effects way before they arise; nipping it in the bud so to say.

This involves coming up with ways of making sure the young generation specifically children grow up experiencing better ways of spending their free time away from cell phones, the TV, and video games. That is the best way we can get the best out of the impacts of technology to recreational life and adventure activities.

What’s the New Way Of American Life?

What’s the New Way Of American Life


A forwarded email originally by John Tabb has been doing rounds on the internet and has since been printed. It is a deliciously crafted piece of writing and offers a farfetched gaming approach. There are numerous falsehoods all through the information provided in the writing.

It shows how an individual can receive $75,000 for their girlfriend through legally playing the housing assistance program section 8. The truth of the matter is it’s against the law to receive any federal benefit based on falsehood. It talks about the Housing Department and the housing voucher program choice from Urban Development.

False Steps

The New Way of American Life’ focuses on taxpayer outrage and welfare abuse. To receive $75,000, the item suggests the following steps. Not to get married, to use your mother’s address to receive mail, buy a house, rent out the house to your girlfriend who has your two children, the housing assistance program section 8 pays $900 monthly for a home with 3 bedrooms.

All these information is false and cannot add up. To begin with, to be listed in the housing assistance program section 8 in order to receive a voucher and fool around the system can take so long. In addition getting onto the waiting list is not assured.

Girlfriend to sign up for Obamacare, guy doesn’t pay family insurance

What’s the New Way Of American LifeThe Affordable Care Act and the Patient Protection Act have for a long time been misinterpreted. The APA (Obamacare) and PPA doesn’t allow free sign ups to low-income Americans receive free health insurance or free medical care. It only provides the households of low-income Americans with subsidies/tax credits for every health insurance purchased. However, for someone to qualify for this, they have to be on the lowest ACA’s income scale. Also, the deserving persons must choose the cheapest health insurance plan.

Single mother, girlfriend goes to college free

There is no way that can guarantee single moms free college education. It is true that the federal Pell grants are in a position to provide students, who meet the minimum qualification, with approximately $6,000 yearly to cater for college attending costs. This, however, depends on individual student’s financial need. The grants are not tied to the status of being a single mom.

Some scholarships and grants are available for parents who are single to assist them in paying school fees while they are in school and provide assistance in paying off the grants once they are out. However, such programs are limited and only a few mothers without partners can attend college for free based on their status.

Girlfriend earns $600 monthly for food stamps

What’s the New Way Of American LifeNutritional supplement assistance programs commonly referred to as food stamps are in most cases criticized. The programs aim at dealing with hunger in financially struggling families. The eligibility for these programs depends on household size.

However, the maximum allocation ranges from around $195 for families of one to around $1,169 for families of eight. In addition, additionally, every additional family member qualifies for around $146 monthly in benefits. The size of the household portrayed here can’t qualify for a monthly $600 in benefits.

The Agriculture Department where the programs operate estimates an annual loss of approximately 4%. In as much as it believed that these programs are rampantly abused, and have little oversight, any form of fraud in the programs is investigated aggressively and prosecution made where applicable. This clearly shows the untrue nature of this item.

Girlfriend gave a free cell phone by the US government

What’s the New Way Of American Life“Obamaphones’ also the Lifeline program requires providers of phone services to offer discounts on wireless or landline telephone services to low-income earners who pass the eligibility test. The program came into existence before Barrack Obama assumed office. This program doesn’t require providers to provide cell phones for free to anyone. However, some phone service providers may choose to issue people with free cell phones on their expense.

Girlfriend receives free utilities

Some programs with a state level administration provide financial assistance to low-income families in a bid to offset essential utility’s costs. This only applies to emergency situations. The families have to prove that they are indeed poor before receiving the free utilities.

Guy moves into a home but continues to receive mail through her mother’s house

It is possible to do this theoretically, however, the individual who falsified deliberately his address residence so that he can live a self-owned house that rent was being paid by another party through section 8 is committing a crime. He would be taking legal and legitimate advantage of programs assisted by the government.

Girlfriend gets to claim one child and the guy claims one child on taxes. Both claim a credit of $1,800 head of household

What’s the New Way Of American LifeIn as much as taxpayers are craftily claiming tax deductions they aren’t entitled it’s illegal. The IRL status head of household tax filing entitles people filing for higher deductions $9,200 for single taxpayers and $ 6,300 for married taxpayers and the filing is done separately.

The dollar amount can be deducted from the taxpayers’ taxable income. This isn’t an amount they stand to get back as a tax refund. In addition, if the two parents claim either of the two kids to be dependent, the mom can’t be collecting benefits legally for both kids.

Girlfriend receives $1,800 because they have a bad back or because they are crazy

This isn’t possible because an individual cannot declare themselves to have back problems or mentally ill then stay at home and be receiving disability payments for life. Medical professionals have to document such claims as genuine disabling conditions.

The woman should also accrue enough work credits in order to qualify for such disability payments. For an individual to qualify for such payments, there are a lot of factors that are put into consideration including age, medical conditions, transferable skills, previous work experience, and education. If an individual isn’t able to do any other work then their claim can be approved.


In as much as this item claims that this plan is legal, several of its aspects involve system defraud in a prohibited fashion. It is a criminal offense to defraud the system and necessary actions can be taken to persons found guilty. If a family hides assets or maybe provides false information on application forms, severe penalties could be taken on them.