Paintball Popularity In America: Best Venues and Markers


Paintball Popularity In AmericaPaintball has become one of the most famous games today. Furthermore, its non-ending updates have seen many gamers interested in learning more about it. It makes a healthy and interesting way for gamers to spend their time with their friends. You will need some important paintball equipment like masks and guns as well as loaders.

Paintball Popularity In America

Paintball Popularity In AmericaSince its development in 1981, paintball has seen many gamers and fans falling for it. Paintball was invented and later developed by Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and Bob G. The game started in a farm with trees and cows being its main parts. Guns and markers which used carbon dioxide power and small bullets made of gelatin and filled with paint were used to play the game.

Since then, the game has been reviewed and updated for numerous times. Currently, the game has both mechanical and electro-pneumatic means of gaming. Also, it has developed many different ways of gaming including: capturing the flag, elimination method, bomb, and many others.

With its concept of different markers, accessories, and gaming scenarios, the game has rose to become one of the most popular games in US. It involves teams of players and this makes it interesting to play with friends. It is also a simple game to learn and play as a starter.

Best 3 Paintball Centers In USA

In USA, many paintball centers have been developed in an attempt to satisfy the ever growing popularity of the game among the citizens. These centers are spacious for the real action during the play. They are also fitted with the necessary materials for playing the game.

However, only a few paintball centers which have been ranked as the most suitable for all types of players. This is because of size, materials, technology, and suitability for starters. The following include 3 paintball centers which have been ranked at the top in USA:

1) Real Life Movie Props – Hollywood Sports, California USA

Paintball Popularity In AmericaThis paintball center has been used by many paintball gamers for over 10 years now. It has full on MOUT which is a necessary training course especially for beginners. Other features in this center include: Mad Max, Korea, Cajun Terror, Lunar Wars and many others.

These features are very popular among many paintball gamers due to their compatibility with the recent updates of the game. The paintball center is also sited with different themes which help different teams to mark their territories during the game. This center is probably the most famous paintball zone in USA.

2) Paintball on a Real Life Military Base – The Paintball Park, Camp Pendleton, San Diego

Paintball Popularity In AmericaMajor pro teams usually consider this center for their adventurous gaming. The center has military helicopters, fortresses, bunkers, and even tanks. It is also located in an open area which is free from interruption by noise or trespassers.

Therefore, gamers can be able to track movement and the gun’s sound as the game proceeds. Also, the playing materials available in the center make paintball gaming to become enjoyable.

3) Real Life Nuketown Paintball Field –Illinois

Paintball Popularity In AmericaIn the year 2013, this center signed a deal for sponsorship with Tippmann, the main Paintball gear manufacturers. As a result of this sponsorship, the center has developed immensely to suit the needs of paintball players and fans. Since then, the center has attracted very many players. It has also been a host for many paintball leagues and championships for the US and other international teams.

The center is also fitted with bunkers, tanks, and fortresses. It has military helicopters which are used by the paintball players in during their gaming sessions. Additionally, the center has a large storage for new and old markers and other weapons which paintball players use during their games. Different themes and territories help the teams as they play against each other.

Best 3 Paintball Markers for Everyone

When it comes to paintball markers, different individuals may find different markers suitable for them. Nonetheless, recent paintball markers manufacturing companies have been actively participating in producing markers with numerous features in order to make them suitable for everyone. If you are looking to learn more about the game and how to choose the right paintball gun this blog has compiled this guide with the best paintball gun reviews for you to take advantage of to get set up with the best available gear to get started enjoying paintball to the max. The following is a list of 3 paintball markers which are best for everyone:

1) Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun

Best 3 Paintball Markers for EveryoneThis is a simple light weight pistol which is easy to make a shot with during the paintball play. It has an under-barrel 120-gram carbon dioxide air system which has a metallic trigger. It is also fitted with a velocity adjuster which operates at 8 bps feed rate. This pistol represents a true military pistol in design and color. The pistol has a weight of 1 pound and 11 ounces. It comes with maintenance kit and a deluxe carrying case.

2) Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Starter Kit

Best 3 Paintball Markers for EveryoneIt also wears the design and look of a military pistol. It has a 12 gram under barrel CO2 Air system which aids in shooting. It is also fitted with 7-ball True-Feed magazine. The pistol has a spool valve which increases the efficiency of the air inside in shooting while it reduces the kick. The pistol has a lightweight and it is easy to roll over the fingers during the play.

3) Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

Best 3 Paintball Markers for EveryoneThis is a basic edition gun which has been used by different paintball players. It comes with anti-fog paintball mask goggles stealth which enhances a player to perform effectively amidst dust and fog in the atmosphere. It has 20oz Aluminum carbon dioxide Tank fitted with Pin Valve. This enhances a player to take a shot on the target during the play. It also has 6+1 horizontal harness pack and 6 pods which are black in color.


Paintball is a famous game among many Americans. It provides a ground for physical fitness combined with fun and entertainment. The players can as well enjoy socializing with their friends. The game is simple to learn and practice. Therefore, it is simple for a learner to learn and understand the game.
Paintball fans have also been impressed by the trend of the game. As a result of development of paintball arenas, championships, and leagues, many fans can now enjoy watching their best teams or players perform in the arenas.