Principles of Hair Science and Technology in Cosmetics

The new methods of keeping hair neat have gone beyond the use of weaves, so too is body hair removal ways. From razors or waxing to use of electronic tools, many people have found a better way to get rid of excess hairs from their legs and hands. Maybe this is your first time to hear about epilation, but it is all about hair tools. Therefore, there should be no worries because you will understand this new method as you continue reading.

Epilators are small devices used to remove hairs deep from their roots, thanks to the new technology in the world of cosmetics. The device has rotating ceramic or metallic tweezers, which facilitates quicker and efficient hair removal by grabbing hair and pulling them off. The old ways of removing one hair at a time are gone because these tiny devices can remove a bunch of hair just by one pass. The result is a smooth silky skin, which can last for even a month without epilating again.

Why Use Epilators?

Waxing or razors have been popular among many women when removing hairs and the result could last for about 2 to 3 days before removing again. There is little satisfaction because the hairs will grow once more within a few days. Use of epilators is a new technology to remove hairs, and achieve a more satisfying feeling on your body.

However, visiting salons once or twice a month can be expensive, bearing in mind that most of them normally use waxing method to remove hair from your skin. Therefore, you have got all the reasons to continue reading this article.

Believe or not, epilation has been found to be a cheap method. You only require a few dollars usually less than $100 to acquire the device. The rest of the money you have been spending in beauty shops can now be used in other things. For women, saving a significant amount is their dream because they have got many things to do with the money!

The interesting thing about epilators is that they can help you get rid of hairs permanently, and this is a dream-come-to-reality among many women. You need to constantly make use of the device, eventually, you will realize fewer and thinner hair growths over time. Epilating once or twice every two weeks is the ultimate trick because hairs will be growing thinner and the follicles will weaken. Initially, you might spend several hours to achieve silky smooth legs, but as you get used, the task will be about 30 minutes and you are done.

Unlike the use of razors, it is impossible to injure your skin because they are designed for that purpose. Anyone either experienced or newbie can do it perfectly. The tactic is just moving the device gently at a right angle against the direction of hair growth. However, you may feel some mild pain if you move too fast, therefore, the trick is moving the epilator slowly.

Basic Features of an Ideal Epilator

Reading too much conflicting information about epilators may confuse you, and you will probably get misled while choosing your perfect device. Features such as built-in lights ensure no hairs are missed in every single move. There is the dry epilator and the combine wet and dry model which can be used during the shower. Epilators may have one or two speeds, rechargeable or battery powered, but any can work well for you.

I have just mentioned the less important features, therefore, allow me to discuss the major features you need to consider while buying an epilator.

Ability to remove hair from the root

A good epilator should be capable of removing hairs deep from their roots. The essence of this new technology is to cater for hair removing needs, unlike the razors and waxing which cannot offer maximum satisfaction to many people. Never, and I say NEVER, buy an epilator that only cuts hair just at the surface of your skin. Leaving the root inside implies that hair will grow just in a few days.

More tweezers

If you want to take as little time as possible while removing hairs, consider buying an epilator with many tweezers. For instance, removing hairs from your legs can be time-consuming when using a device with few tweezers, because the surface area is extensive. This is a major factor to keep in mind.

Efficiency cap and other accessories

When you pick the package, check if the box contains the efficiency cap just before making payment. It is very essential for reducing pain and making the entire process comfortable and fun.

A new epilator comes with additional accessories such as massaging heads and cooling gloves, which purposely reduce the intensity of the pain. But, the cooling gloves should be used after epilation NOT during or before epilation.

Hairstyling Tools

Hairstyling tools include clippers you always find in the barber shops, as well as flat irons you see in salons. Many folks have clippers at home because they offer convenience than visiting barber shops frequently. The Same case applies to flat irons because they not only offer convenience but also prevent chances of damaging your hair as you flatten it every day.


Choosing hair clippers

  • A good hair clipper should offer comfort to your hand whether the body is made of aluminum or plastic materials. Ergonomically designed clippers are the best option for you.
  • Check if the package has guide combs. Most of the clippers come with 1/16 to 1-inch guide combs, allowing you to cut the hair based on the size and style you want.
  • Choose clippers with reliable motors. For commercial clippers, you need a powerful motor to handle different types of hairs. However, it is good to buy a clipper with the universal motor because it can use AC and DC.
  • Clippers come with different sizes of blades, useful hair clippers range from 0.2mm to 13mm. Based on material built, there are self-sharpening designs, those that conduct less heat, and those made for durability. Choose what best suits your needs.
  • Most clippers come with maintenance tools in the box, such as brush, lubricant, and manuals. Ensure the package contains all these extras.

Choosing flat irons

  • Flatirons come in different sizes; ½ to 3-inch plates. 1 inch is suitable for all hair lengths and types. However, you can opt for a larger plate if your hair is too long. You can also visit best flat iron guide for more information about choosing the right flat iron.
  • In given information that is written in, flat irons can be used for straightening, creating curls and waves. If you want to achieve various styles, choose the version with rounded edges. If you want to make kinks in the hair, choose those with super straight edges.
  • It is ideal to buy flat irons with temperature adjustment control to ensure they don’t get too hot while in use. However, don’t go for those that cannot get hot faster enough.
  • While in the dealer shop, ask the types of irons. There several different kinds, which offer a variety of benefits. Whether you need ceramic, Ionic, Nano, Tourmaline, or Titanium, ensure you inquire intensively about each type.
  • Always check if the flat iron has a warranty. Most of them have 1-year warranty, but it is good to confirm especially if you are buying an expensive flat iron.