SOPA’s Pros and Cons

The Stop Online Piracy act has caused a lot of arguments and different opinions regarding its efficiency. We have decided to evaluate its effectiveness according to its major pros and cons. They will help us to have a clear understanding of its main goal and means to achieve it. Some may say that there is no sense. The bill has not come into force. On the other hand it will certainly influence further reformation of the law.

As the majority of us know, SOPA is aimed on protecting intellectual property of those who create a unique content. At the same time it should also help to reduce the level of selling drugs. It will also help to open more positions for those who are looking for a job. The main priority is to make US economy as stable as possible. The idea is clear. This bill may have undoubted advantages:

– If you own copyright and have come across a website which replicated it, you have the right to close this resource.

– Business revenue will increase. Customers will have a right to purchase products from original sources only.

– Fines and extra charges will be established for everyone who is guilty of online piracy. 

– Government will block all kinds of video streaming as well as selling of counterfeit drugs and other materials and substances, which can be used in military and other purposes.

– All web resources will be regulated in accordance with one and only legislation. It will help to prevent them from scam and fraud.

Disadvantages of SOPA:
– Implementing of this law seems to be extremely hard taking into consideration billions of media files and other information which calls for regulation.

– Bill implementing will cost a fortune.

– Users will be forced to spend lots of their money for downloading music, photos, pictures and videos.

– Internet will be left without millions of websites which will be removed.

– Some Wikipedia facts will not be available.

– Users will not have a chance to pay with major banking methods which include Pay Pal or credit cards.