Do We Really Need Luxury to Our Homes or Is It a Marketing Strategy?

Do We Really Need Luxury to Our Homes or Is It a Marketing Strategy?Most people are faced with this question on when they want to spend money to make their home feel better. At times, one may regret spending such money and blame their perceived weakness for falling for a marketing gimmick. However, this is not the case, adding luxury to the home has many benefits. At times, these benefits may not always be immediately clear to a person.

However, over time, they will become clearer. Although the decision to remodel could have been taken impulsively, it is not a reason to be worried. One will saw the benefits of such a remodeling over time.

Areas That Get a Facelift

The most common areas people begin to remodel are the kitchen and the bathroom. They will usually install luxurious toilets in the bathroom and faucets. In their kitchens, people will step up their faucets to look more glamorous. Top kitchen faucets can be found in this list, or if you are interested in reading more kitchen faucet reviews is a good place to get some nice ideas for your kitchen.

Benefits of Such Upgrades

One benefit that becomes immediately obvious after a faucet upgrade in the kitchen is better functionality. For instance, sometimes, it can be quite difficult to clean some utensils in the kitchen. Newer models of kitchen faucets come with a detachable arm that makes it easier to clean utensils. In addition, in the bathroom, bathing will become less of a hassle with newer faucets. Thus, getting water to those essential areas that need a good cleaning becomes much easier.

Do We Really Need Luxury to Our Homes or Is It a Marketing Strategy?In addition, one will notice a smaller water bill. For instance, many traditional toilets use a lot of water. They are usually inefficient at flushing away solids, for a list of the best flushing toilets look at As a result, one usually has to flush more than once at times to get the bowl cleared. This problem is swiftly eliminated with the use of modern fixtures. Besides toilets, most modern faucets are designed to use significantly less water. For instance, some of them are fitted with technology that combines water and air. This causes the sensation that there is more water while they use up to half less water. Here is a good compilation of best toilets on the market.

Besides saving on the water bill, the energy bill should also come down significantly. Most luxury upgrades also happen to use less energy. For instance, some modern chandeliers that rely on LED technology use only a fraction of normal lighting fixtures. With time, this can free up money for other functions such as taking holidays. In addition, there will be more money available to decorate the outside of the home.

Ceiling Fans Give a Real Upgrade

In this era, modern ceilings and ceiling fans enhance the beauty of the overall home and make the rooms more attractive. There are many ways to create low ceilings to higher. Same as there are many ways to decorate ceilings with a variety of lighting fixtures. To glow the room in the budget, you can go for the eco-friendly lighting options.

These days, ceiling fans come up with different styles of lighting bulbs, two of them are Candelabra Incandescent bulbs and bowl light with Swirled Marble glass Pin-based CFL bulbs. These two styles are being commonly used because of their fancy yet reliable look. Further, you can read out the best ceiling fans reviews to make the decision based on functionality. It is a very substantial aspect to finalize the best ceiling fan unit based on functionality. Most of the people (especially new buyers) who never purchased ceiling fans or lights before, they miss the functionality overview and consider the look. Knowledgebase buying guides are handy to read out which are available at your fingertips.

Lighting with ceiling fans is a good possibility, but there is a wide range of ceiling lighting fixtures which can impact welcoming feeling. Such as pendant lighting is one of the imposing choices for small spaces and the recommended for high ceilings. While for the hall and great room, flush-mount and the track-light is a suitable option for creating a bright effect. We advise you to go for chandelier, flush mount and semi-flush mount types these ones will surely give an alluring touch to your bedrooms and dining rooms. Regardless to say, flush-mounted lightings are the best for all room types such as; bedroom, hall, closet, dining room, kitchen, office, study, playroom, porch. To give an extra detail to your ceilings, recessed lighting rewards an extensive view with a lighting ceiling fan.

Slightly above, as you have been gone through a brief overview of ceiling light fixtures. Here we are up to floor lighting. Floor lamps can be a reason for increasing energy bills though. If you can afford the bills and are fond of interior designing than you can try the interest at the floor lamps by using ‘Torchiere’. Even though it is one of the most popular floor lamps, but not fashioned one. To keep your home decoration up to fashion, it is really a challenging part to remodel your home furniture, especially walls, ceiling and lighting fixtures.

The other advantage is better aesthetics. Everyone loves it when his or her living space is visually pleasing. At times, if one is hosting visitors, it can also help. For instance, if one’s fixtures are all outdated and unsightly, it might give the wrong impression about a person. Upgrading to luxury fixtures will definitely help boost one’s standing in society. In addition, it offers one the chance to give their home a personality. Using modern luxury fixtures can be an easy way to achieve this. As a result, one is able to feel more comfortable inside their house.

It makes the house safer. Chances are that if one has outdated fixtures, they suffer a higher chance of breaking. In addition, there is a higher chance of hem malfunctioning. A malfunctioning electric fixture could have dire consequences for the home.

For instance, it may lead to a fire, which could gut the house down. Besides that, it could shock the owner to death. This is especially so if one has an underlying condition like heart disease. Plumbing fixtures also have their own problems. For instance, they may leak dirt into the water. This could have serious health consequences. If they were to leak lead into the house, this could potentially lead to long-term problems for everyone.

Luxury fixtures in the home also lead to better security. For instance, older locks are no much for burglars. They are easily picked and give the thug easy entry to the home. As a result, having outdated locks on the doors is like a magnet for criminals. Installing high-end locks make the house look more secure. This has the effect of deterring potential criminals. It also shows them that one is mindful of their security. As a result, they are less likely to find anything of value lying around inside the home.

Do We Really Need Luxury to Our Homes or Is It a Marketing Strategy?Sprucing up the home has another underlying advantage. Whenever the interior of the home looks more luxurious, it increases the value of a house. Besides that, it increases the appeal of the home. The result is that more people will be willing to purchase the home. This ensures that when one plans to move out, they will get a higher price for their home. This is usually the case; even hen house prices have relatively stagnant.

The other benefit is that it makes it more convenient to use the home. This is the case for people whose family has grown with time. Modern fixtures are more efficient at taking baths for instance. This will make sure that people spend less time in the bathroom. In addition, a luxury usually entails opening up spaces in the home. An extra room could come in handy when the size of the family has increased.

Disadvantages of Upgrading the Home

The major disadvantage of upgrading a home is that one has to spend a few days outside the home. This is especially so when one is upgrading their toilet and faucets. It makes it hard to stay inside the home when the toilet has been ripped out. One will thus have to plan for a stay in a motel for a few nights.

The other problem of installing faucets is that it may not turn out as expected. In addition, the cost could skyrocket beyond what one had planned. This may force one to leave the job half done.


Generally, upgrading a home has many benefits that make it worthwhile. However, one needs to ensure they get value for money. Firstly, one should always have a solid financial plan. Secondly, one needs to ensure they hire an experienced person to do the