The Best Types Of Flooring For Government Institutions

The Best Types Of Flooring For Government InstitutionsGovernment institutions have a much more complex way of choosing a type of floor when building or renovating their offices than private people doing the same thing. Public institutions must mind many things unlike people doing the same thing in their own homes. Some of the things that must be taken in consideration when choosing a floor are the money of the citizens and the amount that will be spent, the frequency of people walking on these floors, and many other things.

The most often used and the most popular materials used are hard floors, wooden floors, and carpets. Let’s see what are some of the pros and cons for each one of these categories.

The most used hard floors are stone, concrete and tiles. Wooden floors are parquet and laminate, and carpets have a lot of choices depending on the officials’ desire. Let’s go through them one by one.


stone flooring

Stone is very popular because of its looks. Natural stones look very stylish and fit beautifully with any interior. Stone can also be used outside because it’s easy to maintain and is long lasting. However, stones are highly expensive and some types can really cost a fortune. That’s why it is an excellent choice, but the officials running the institution will really have to find a way to get an approval for this option.


Concrete is pretty affordable, but the look of the concrete is not so impressive as the stone. It is also very easy to be shaped into anything the designer wants which means the installation and the building of the place will be very fast and easy.


Tiles are also not very affordable, but they come in a lot of different designs and shapes. The best part about tiles is that they are very easy to be maintained. Only a rug and water is needed for them to be washed and they look sparkling clean right away. Tiles are easy to be implemented but they can’t stand too many people going on them every day and after some time, they’ll surely be damaged.


The best and most used of the wooden floors is the parquet. The parquet is made from a fine wood which is tailored by care. It can last many years before it needs to be renovated, but it definitely needs constant care if the looks are important. Since we’re talking about government institutions, looks are very important, and often renovating will cost money. Purchasing parquet is expensive on its own, which means this is an option that will cost pretty much.


Laminate flooring

This option is very popular lately mainly because it is very affordable. Laminate is a less quality version of a beautiful wooden floor. The process of making laminate is completely different than the one of the parquet, but in the end, some laminate types look very impressive. The only problem is that laminate is usually less durable, and will probably get damaged faster.


Carpets are a really convenient way to cover any flooring and make it look the way you want it. The only problem is that carpets need daily maintenance to make them look perfectly clean. However, this is not a problem thanks to modern technology. Portable carpet cleaners are very easy to be provided in public institutions. They are affordable and easy to use. On top of this, modern carpet cleaners are energy savers, and the government can promote their green initiatives by purchasing some of these machines.


There’s no best option when it comes to getting a floor for a government institution. If the money is an issue, and it always is, then the person required to make the deal should choose some of the floorings that are less expensive, like the laminate, concrete, or carpets.

Another thing that must be taken seriously is the style and the tradition. If you’re renovating an institution, and most of it was done in stone, you can’t simply place parquet in one office and marble in another. If there’s a money problem and you simply can’t get a stone floor, maybe you can go with a more affordable solution and cover it with a nice carpet after you’ll get a quality carpet cleaner.

The best choice is to find something inside the budget that will be easy to maintain and that is durable. For instance, natural stone is the most durable of all, but it’s pretty expensive. On the other side, carpets are fairly affordable and can last a lot of time if they are maintained with care.