The Many Ways Cars Pollute Our Community

Cars Pollute Our CommunityCars are one of the most important industry breakthroughs that drove the humanity forward very fast. Thanks to cars, we can now travel distances in time that once unimaginable. Car motors helped the industry to create powerful airplane engines too, so now any place in the world is accessible in just hours.

Transportation is not the only reason why we love cars. Many people are car lovers and drive cars just for fun, or sports, or as a hobby. Aside from its main reason – transport – cars are being made to be appealing. They need to be tailored to perfection in order for their owners to feel special and joyful.

All this is great, but every good thing has its own downside too. It’s a principle of nature and cars are no exception. Cars are one of the major pollutants of our environment. When we say pollution from cars, we instantly mean gases that are being produced, right? Sure, we’d be completely right thinking this, but gases are not the only problem. A major issue is the sound pollution that comes from cars too. Let’s talk about these two pollutions.

Gas Pollution

Gas Pollution

A lot of countries are banning some of the most problematic petrol in order to create are more safe environment and a better air quality for everyone. Major cities have a lot of cars running on their streets which are simply impossible to exclude, so the authorities must find other solutions. Going green and subsiding electric cars are one of the measures taken. At the same time, banning diesel fuel that makes the most pollution creates a truly green city.

The projections in these countries are that by the year 2030, almost 100% of the cars driving on the streets will use eco diesel fuels or electricity. This is an amazingly big hit for the petrol companies but the only option if they want to preserve the environment.

Noise Pollution

Noise PollutionThe noise pollution coming from cars is something that is less talked about when pollution is mentioned. Big cities have highways with a lot of lanes on which cars drive at tremendous speeds. Their engines and the tires rubbing of the asphalt produce a lot of noise especially when this happens by a lot of cars at the same time. That’s why authorities build special walls next to busy highways that prevent the sound from getting to the housing area.

There’s not much what anyone can do about this problem. Tires must touch the ground and the engines must produce the noise unless they are running on electricity. This is exactly why authorities insist on transferring people’s car from petrol to electricity. However, tires and engines are not the only problems when noise pollution is in question. A big problem is the music coming out of the cars.

Car speakers noise problem

Residential neighborhoods often have problems with people driving and listening to loud music. People in some areas constantly ask for help from the police about this. People driving and listening to loud music during sleeping time are a real problem. Just one person driving by a highly dense living area will wake up the whole neighborhood.

Sure car speakers are cool and we all love a good tune while we drive. Sometimes we even like to play it a little louder if we feel that way, but this is not an excuse to terrorize other people. That’s why some local authorities are banning listening to loud music from cars especially in the time of the day that’s not allowed.

They are now fining people that are not respecting other people’s privacy and peace. Listening to your favorite music in the car is not banned. Doing on a high volume is also not restricted, but you’ll have to respect some decibel laws. Having a state of the art music system in your car is okay, just don’t override it in order to wake up everyone in the county.


Having a car means having responsibilities both for the car and for the people around you. If you love cars for sports, you have a special place where this can be practiced – the race track. If you have a passion for tuning cars and making loud exhaust systems, there’s also a place for it called a car show. If you just love driving around and listening to music, there’s no problem, just don’t do it in the late hours, with the volume to the max and with windows down. This is simply annoying and you should stop it.

Enjoy your car and the power it has in a more humane manner. Go green if you drive every day, and if you love a powerful engine, practice this in a special place designed for this.