The coronavirus has exposed the empty wallets of Russians. How do I fill them with money?

Do you know why humanity is still not extinct from numerous diseases?After all, there were epidemics even worse than the current coronavirus, when a third of the population died out in Europe in a few months. True, it happened a hundred years ago back.And we are still alive, because in a moment of serious danger, we mobilize all our forces and put the interests of preserving the human population above our personal ambitions. We mobilize for a war against the COVID-19 virus This is what I suggest we talk about in today's article: 1) the War against the virus is not a trivial oneThese include fighting off a pandemic, restoring power and communications, and a drastic increase in taxes on the population. But the main thing is that you should not forget about your health at all costs. For this, you need to mobilize all your resources (including the immune system) and put aside for this:from the coronavirus vaccine, which helps to protect against the pandemic;the self-isolation protocol, which should be carried out in all hospitals;the right medical treatment (including in a specialized program) for all patients;the appropriate financial support — everyone has it their own business and from which they can afford it. the investment.2) in the beginning, everyone is not ready for thisOne of the earliest comments on my articles about investments was "it is best to keep your money in real estate".Because by itself, it does not matter what happens in the world.What is important is how well the money you have invested "likes" to buy real estate.Otherwise, you will not be able to support your family in any way. After all, without this activity, you will not be able to earn enough interest. 3) Where can I invest my money now?Let's imagine that you were suddenly fired tomorrow. What will you do for a while? How will you support your family and what will you do for money?Many people say that they will not be at work tomorrow. This is a direct admission of the fact that the coronavirus has brought down the whole economy.To which I respond by reminding everyone that it is better to have money "work" in a timely manner (and do it yourself) than to have it sit idle.And let me remind you of the saying: "an Engineer's wife doesn't cry in high tech land."4) a Poor person is not a good investorAn inexperienced person should not be an investor. After all, he made his money "in a stupid way". I remind you that this is a very stupid way!An experienced investor is ready to make his money "work" for him. So, if you lost your job today, take care of it. Otherwise, you will