Three mistakes that doom us to lack of money

We have all heard the phrase "all men are brothers".Whether we like it or not, this statement is a reflection of the general character of mankind. And it is with this statement that we come to the decision about our brothers and sisters. Dismissed from the world over a million people (mostly young people) in the last year, we formed a huge group "brothers" in the office and in social networks.We decided that we would like to do a lot more than just report on the results of the recently concluded global financial crisis.We decided to create our own financial cushion, a stash, to protect us from risks, and to form our own" protection" >in the event of an unexpected force majeure:We should not expect a quick return of the lost profits (which were allocated to us in the last round of payments of salaries).We need to plan for this in advance.We need to know how our money will work in the future:after all, the more often we "trust" in yourself and your ability to "manage" money, the greater the chances you will achieve success. the chances you will become the owner of an impressive financial capital (and a comfortable old age).:1) Lack of a personal financial plan (a plan that guarantees rapid formation of a "financial cushion" and a stable income).You should have a written one that guarantees the rapid formation of the type of capital that will fully support you and your entire family. Such a "financial cushion" should be kept on Deposit in 3 different accounts: in different banks, with different currencies, and with different financial instruments. 2) the habit of living "within your means" Consistently with a low level of income and with a "wishlist".Living "within your means" is not difficult at all, and it is not a huge task. You just need to be sure to take into account the following:the amount of your savings (this is how a person determines the size of their "financial cushion" and the amount of old age);the frequency of your salary (this is also a person's standard of living);the effectiveness of medical treatment (this is also a person's standard of living).3) the Lack of " self — support "Being always "in the money" is not a new concept at all. It was not until the late 1980s that people began to understand that being rich and healthy is not so bad.After that, the good times are over and the bad times have begun.Although it would be nice to think that the bad times are behind us.":strive to become the best (in your profession and in your field);learn how to handle your money carefully and professionally;get involved in your projects (start