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Pricing in recessionary world markets

Higher-than-expected US inflation in September indicates that the Fed will continue its hawkish policy and raises the risk of the economy entering a recession in 2023.

Past periods of high inflation did not subside until the Fed raised interest rates above the rate of inflation. Persistent inflation in services such as rent, healthcare, and transportation could see the Fed raise interest rates above 5 percent and send the economy into recession.

Futures markets expect the Fed to raise rates by 175 basis points in the next three meetings, 2 x 75 in November and December and 1 x 25 in February.

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An Unorthodox Investment Strategy: Dow Dogs

"Dogs of the Dow" is an investment strategy in which the investor seeks to select ten Dow Jones stocks (known as "Dogs") with the highest dividend yield.

The goal of the strategy is to maximize returns for investors by selecting stocks that provide high dividend yields.

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Women on the path to financial freedom

Sorry guys, women are much better investors. This is evidenced by the results of 4 different studies conducted around the world. According to research, women make much more accurate decisions than men when it comes to investing. Because women are more logical at the stage of making an investment decision, while men behave more emotionally than women.

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What is a bear and bull market?

Bull and bear markets are basic trading language and symbols that express either positive (bullish) or negative (bearish) sentiment. There is no official rule, but a bull market typically represents a 20 percent market up over time from a low, while a bear market represents a 20 percent decline from a high. In general, bullish positive or bearish negative can refer to moves up or down in almost anything, such as individual stocks.

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